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Help please! Chicken needs a new home!!

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Hello Omleteers,


I've got a chicken who desperately needs a new home and I'm hoping that one of you can help.


She is a 2 year old Bolero Blue and she is in the Stockport area. She lays beautiful blue eggs and she's lost her companion recently and is very sad and lonely. Her owners don't want to get another hen and would be happier if they could rehome this lovely girl instead.


If you're interested, please e-mail me at barbara@omlet.co.uk as I have contact details for the owners.


Many thanks in anticipation.

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Oh, hadn't thought about changing her name, is that the right thing to do? :?


My rescue cat was already called Boris but I like that and it suited him perfectly so didnt' change it.


I'll see what she is already called - have to wait to see if I can have her first tho'

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:oops: I just keep telling myself the others would pick on it :roll:


My plan to sneak baby chicks/eggs in was foiled


He doesn't know it yet, but if we buy this mythical house with land and I'm allowed loads of chickens there may be fluffy ones, bantams, or even ones with fluffy hairdos :!:

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I am pleased to say that Daisy has a new home :D


have a couple of pics but it was getting a bit dark. she is a beautiful silver grey colour.


There were a few pecks from Gertrude & Mabel but they seem to have settled down and are all snuggled up in the eglu but I will be up early to let them out and can partition off a bit of the run for Daisy with nice food & treats til they all get used to each other.


The 2 little girls who brought her (with mum & dad) were happy that she was moving into a pink eglu


ok - see if the pics work now









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