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Chickens raised for meat.

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Have a look at the article in todays Daily Mail.


It is truly hideous.


In a nutshell chickens raised for meat are forced fed to such an extent that they grow from one and a half ounces at hatching to four and a half pounds at slaughter aged THIRTY FIVE DAYS on average.


M&S supply slower growing chickens, so they are less likely to have broken legs due to the rapid weight gain with which the young bones can't keep up.

Therefore they are less likely to die of starvation or dehaydration as they are still able to get to the feeding and watering points. Also they are less likely to get ammonia burns caused by lying in foul litter.


Sainsbury's use some suppliers who use only slow growers.


M&S and Waitrose by from suppliers who cap the numbers reared to avoid overcrowding.


So if you must eat chicken, please be very choosy about where you get it from.

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Thanks to Clare who just called me about this article :D


Yes as consumers we create the demand. You know I am championing the hidden eggs story to educate consumers for BHWT.


I stood in a butchers the other day and it had a big sign saying 'free range specialist' I saw trays of bbq marinated chicken and knew it wasn't free range. I asked what free range chicken they had and sheepishly he said ''oh that' 2 pre packed chickens in the window. :twisted:


All the people buying their poul;try may have thought it's free range. :(


We can buy what we believe comes from a good source with standards of welfare that we think are acceptable. Remember it's the hidden eggs and meat that supply a demand for 'cheap' production. Also remember that british farmers get priced out by the supermarkets...again we can change farming and support british farmers by giving them the confidence that we want to buy british and we want eggs and meat produced to the highest standard possible. Not all broiler systems are like this, but it's deciding actually I don't approve of this system and won't support it. If the demand reduces the supermarkets and manufacturers will source differently and the farmer can respond to that. It all costs money, are we all prepared to pay.


I now look for 'British', local ,where possible, small and independant, organic .We cut back to pay for the changes.



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We eat less meat these days - our Sunday roasts, when we have them, are always free-range Label Anglais chickens (with the longest drumsticks I have ever seen!) from a local butcher, and when in the supermarket I try to choose British produce, free-range pork/ham/etc and eggs (our girls are still too young to lay), and as much organic stuff as possible. I'm sure there's room for improvement, though :oops:

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Hats off as usual to M&S and Waitrose. They aren't perfect, but at least they are trying!


It's easy to become fanatical about what's in our food and where it comes from. I'm a veggie, so I've been reading labels for years as there are "animals" in the most innocuous products, but it was still a shock to me last year to find that so many favourites contained battery eggs :evil: . I'm also haunted by those trailers loaded with crate upon crate of white chickens, leaving a wake of feathers as they go. I had stopped eating red meat many moons ago, but that's what ended my chicken eating days :( .


My hubby eats meat and I only buy from local suppliers I can trust ..... and we are very lucky here in Cumbria. Like Lesley, we have started to rear our own poultry for the table. I have no issue with at least four of my young cockerals ending up as Sunday dinner for my OH as I know they will have enjoyed a happy life and a very quick and humane end.


We're dreaming of a small-holding in the future but there is a major hurdle to over-come. While I, as a veggie, would be happy raising meat for the table, my omnivorous hubby is struggling to get his head around it :roll: ! It might just remain a dream at this rate :lol: .

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I get them too LJ, unless I can get to a farmers' market. :?


I must say that I was nearly sick when I read the article, here's an abridged version for those who haven't seen it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=398682&in_page_id=1770&in_a_source=


I was going to show it to Rosie as she is a real eco-warrior/animal rights campaigner these days, but she'll be too upset about the cat being poorly to read it :?

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I have to admit I do a lot of my shopping in the dreaded Tesco (sorry)


Me too - I don't drive and it's the only supermarket within easy walking distance (half a mile instead of one-and-a-half for Sainsburys) - the bus that goes past JS was cut back to a skeleton service 2 years ago :(:evil:



I'm careful what I buy but am I mistaken in thinking their Organic Freerange chickens live a decent life :?::evil:


Well, AFAIK, they can't call them organic unless they reach a certain minimum standard of welfare, though "free range" just means they have free access to an outdoor run, with a max of 1 hen per sq metre - 2 hens in a standard eglu run 24/7 counts as free range :shock:

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Well l have not eaten meat since l was 12 im now 29 my 4 year old has never eaten meat and my partner respects my feelings on animals dieing for nothing.There is alot more veggie food now then when l started out not eating meat.So for that reason in my mind theres no reason to kill any animal any more.Im very sorry but if l was a chicken of a person that had some for the table l would feel scared all the time of any human coming near me in case thats when l was going to die.Also being killed would hurt and it would be very frightening no matter how it was done.How can it be humman the chicken would not even want to die i mean would u ? ...Im sorry but this is somthing l feel very passinate about.I have 3 chickens and l hate when they feel scared to eat with there heads down right in front of me l feel as bad as if l was going to hurt them.As for the shops selling meat its like a grave yard to animals and the people just picking up at what left l hate the smell and cant help hating the people l see picking it up.When in the war all those people died there was out cry.

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