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A list of cars that will fit an eglu/cube in.....

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Following on from my previous message in the for sale section... I thought it would be a good idea for those of you who are collecting eglus, be it new or second hand, if there was some sort of list of cars that they would fit in easily. cubes listed in red



So I will start it, I can keep editing my message to add more cars as people list them, so it's easy for people to see at a glance :D (I hope this is ok mods) - I've made it into a sticky for you - Kate :D


Note: I have been back in and made all the cars in roughly alphabetical order for ease.


Audi A3 - Eglu and standard run, bit of a squeeze


Audi A4 estate - collected cube and standard run, plus glug & grub.Didn't totally strip cube down, front passenger seat was empty so potentially space for a few more bits there and a bag of feed or so in the back.


Audi RS6 Avant Estate - eglu. plenty of room could have easily fitted in a run if it had come with one.


Bentley - eglu cube with run etc


Berlingo multispace x 2 eglus! Cube + 6ft run


BMW 1 Series hatchback with back seats down....BUT really important..only just because of the narrow boot hatch, the Eglu only fits in if in two parts and even then its tight, once in the car the space is ok but its the getting it in thats the hard part

too tight a sqeeze for a run as well though.


BMW 1 series touring (estate). Eglu Cube with 3M run, large bag of meal, 12M Omlet flexible run.

Rear seats down. Cube base in first, sides in on top. 3M run in sections had to be flexed to fit in through the rear tailgate, but sat mostly flat when in. Omlet box of wheels grubb Etc in behind front seats.

Cube roof on the top of run wire, with large bag of meal and 12M run in its box on top of that.

Small oddments in the rear footwells. Diatom plus cleaners. Small bag of corn. Egg boxes. Etc.

Four new girls in a large cat box sat on my lap in front passenger seat.


Citroen C2 - eglu classic and the 2 meter run


Citroen C3 - Go, plus large sack of feed, bale of woodchip, grit, corn & 2 teenagers - plus 3 chooks.


Citroen Dyane - eglu classic with 3m run with just the rear seats folded. I didn't even need to leave the roof rolled down, though I did cos it was such nice weather!


Citroen Picasso, with back seats down also


Citroen Picasso with only one seat down and 4 passengers ( at a push!)


Citroen Picasso, no seats, lilac cube + extra 1 metre run UK to central France with rest of car totally loaded with holdalls, dog chews, things we can't get here etc. etc. etc.


Citroen saxo with the rear seats down. mark 2 eglu and run


Chevy 5 door (not sure model) cube and run


Chevy Lacetti.- Eglu & run


Dihatsu Sportrack with seats down as much as possible


Daewoo Matiz, tiny, tiny car only 800cc engine!! Eglu and Run!!!


Ford Ka - Eglu Dissmantled and one elgu convert kit.. Had to make a second trip for the run..


Fiat Panda (New shape with back seats down)


Fiat Punto, old style - eglu Go - needed the seat down tho. didnt have a run but there was a fair bit of space around it so I'm assuming if it was flat it'd be fine


Fiat Punto New Shape with seats down, dismantled cube and 2m run


Fiat punto grande, Cube - unpackaged out of the box, it does fit with the seats down


Fiat Multipla did the job nicely - Eglu; 2 eglus and runs with rear seats removed

Cube + run with the 3 rear seats removed. We left the legs with wheels on the base of the house everything else was dismantled.


Fiat Sicento mark 2 Eglu with run (eglu taken apart)

Back seats down, front passenger seat fully forward, driver a bit squashed up to the door. Only Short Journey


Ford Focus with seats down and run but tight squeeze!!!


Ford Focus Cmax - eglu classic, went in without any trouble and putting it in the boot sideways seems to leave more room for other stuff (bedding and feed, for hens, of course!) with the run panels on top. This was with the back seats folded down


Ford Focus estate (old style) took an eglu and run easily.


Ford Focus Estate took eglu and an extra 3m of run, plus one child in the back seat.


Ford S-Max eglu and run, a big bag of layers pellets and grit and a bale of wood shavings and I sat in the back so not all the seats were down


Ford Mondeo


Ford Modeo - We collected our wonderful new cube complete with 2 metre run on Saturday, the previous owner had completely dismantled it ready for collection. Incredibly we managed to fit it into our Ford Mondeo. We did have to fold down the back seats, but amazingly it fit in quite easily.


Ford Mondeo estate (new) fitted eglu and run (for my Mum) and could have fitted another one easily.


Ford Fiesta with all seats down & just a driver cube without run, however believes run could slide in as well see this link



Grand Espace - one cube in bits with assorted half bags of pellets, corn etc etc etc, standard run and a large dog transporter with 4 Orpies in! (all rear seats removed) The cube had to be in bits, as we couldn't get it down the pathway between the back garden & the car !


Grand Espace Fits an eglu with 2 metre run in with 2 seats intact.


Honda Accord Estate with rear seats down - containing 1 , 2 and the standard run partly assembled


Honda Accord CRV - Got a dismantled cube (no run), large feeder and water feeder + two chickens in a cat box + one child into the back with one side of the rear seats down.


Honda Jazz with back seats downdismantled cube and standard run


Hyundai Accent hatchback - Eglu Classic went in easy in our car. Cube


Kia Rio - eglu with grub and glug, no run fitted with loads of room to spare. If the run was flat it would fit as well.


Kia Sorrento - Cube with run and extension and lots of other little bits and bobs with the back seats down. Plenty room!


Landrover Freelander 2 eglus in back

Assembled cube in the back of my Freelander2, all i did was take the wheels off


Land Rover Defender 90 short wheel base eglu and run


Mazda Bongo with rear seats removed easily took a Eglu with assembled run+glugs +bag of feed +bedding and 3 in a box.


Mazda Bongo Cube and Run today no problem - just pushed the kids seats forward and the rest fitted in perfectly.


Mercedes C class estate - Eglu and run plus extension plus dog cage with PP(Bluebelle)(white chicken)(white chicken) with back seats down and room to spare. You need 2 people to push the run pieces in as they are too wide unless you squash them inwards as they go in through the back.


Mitsubishi Carisma with back seats down


Nissan Qashqai - eglu. The house went happily into boot and the dismantled runs in the back behind the front seats. There the odd moment when a strong word was muttered under breath while persuading the run to bend in parts it was at first reluctant to. But we persevered and succeeded.


Nissan Terrano took Eglu and run fine with the back seats down, I think it would take a cube but maybe not with the run.


Peugeot 206 eglu, run, converter and extension and even managed to close the boot. The seats were down


Peugeot 307 with seats down will carry a cube and run.


Rover 414 with seats down


Renault 5 Campus, 3 door - Eglu Classic and standard 2 meter run.


Renault Scenic Also cube with 3m run


Renault Clio (old style) eglu and run


Renault Clio 3 door - We fitted a dismantled cube (no run) in with rear seats down quite easily!


Renault Clio, Eglu and run with all the back seats down, but is quite a squeeze!


Renault Laguna Estate We managed to fit a dismantled Cube, run, extension and a few bags of bits last week. Had a top box on but we also had 3 people in the car so I would say that with only 2 people and all the back seats folded then there would have been no need for the top box, if that makes sense...


Renault Megane 2004 - Eglu, run, and 25m Omlet netting easily fits with the rear seats folded down.


Smart Car (FourTwo) Easier with the passenger seat down and the roof open though!


Seat Cordoba Vario (which is exactly the same car as a VW Polo estate). Mark 2 Eglu with 3m run into a Back seats down, all went in without too much difficulty.


Toyota Avensis Verso


Toyota Corollo Verso


Toyota Corolla seats down, granted, but could still see out of the back window (just!)


Toyota Prius - seats down. Removed cardboard. Tight fit but worked (assuming this is an eglu classic)


Volvo 850 cube with 2m run


Volvo 940 estate - Cube plus run plus one extension, grub & glug etc quite comfortably.


Vauxhall Astra 05 - we picked up our cube and 6 GNR (in a box) it was all dismantled and with the back seats down it just fits. Space was tight but we managed to fit in the accessaries and Glug/Grubs and some food from the seller aswell to get us started.

Eglu and 3m run with seats down


Vauxhall Astra Estate - 1 CUBE, weels, 9 chickens, 6 peanut feeders, 2 super glugs, bag of medicine and bits. Must say, two of the chickens were in a box on my daughters lap in the front seat coming home :D I could not fit another thing!


Vauxhall Corsa (2002 shape) with the seats down!


Vauxhall Corsa (3 door) eglu NO RUN


Vauxhall Meriva.one eglu and run and one rablu with no run including large 30 litre drinker


Vauxhall Zafira, old shape, with the seats down, one Eglu with Standard Run


Vauxhall Zafira (new shape) slightly dismantled cube, 2m of run, swing bin full of corn, huge bag of straw and 25m omlet netting, glugs n grubs and 2 people, back seats folded away and middle row seats pushed right forward!


VW Beetle took an eglu and run but it was a real squeeze and needed help of sellers (more logical thinking than me). (Couldn't borrow husband's car as he didn't know I was buying it. )

VW Beetle fitted a cube - just about! No run, only the cube, wheels and grub/glug.

Tips - don't take a passenger or you won't have a hope... and take off all except the driver's headrests BEFORE you load the boot :lol: Keep the driver's headrest in place as it'll stop anything sliding forward and whacking you on the head :lol: You'll also need the seat as far forward as it will go - be prepared for an uncomfy drive if you've long legs


VW Corrado Eglu and Run - a bit of a sqeeze!


VW Golf (2004 Model) - 3 door version with back seats down took an Eglu and standard run


VW Passat Estate - with seats down - eglu plus runalso carried a cube without the run.


VW Passat Saloon(2008 Model) with eglu on back seat and run in the boot and leaning over the back seats.


VW Polo (old model - 1996) took eglu classic + 2 metre run, needed back seats flat, and some careful arranging, but it all went in.

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I'm not sure, I think the panels could be a bit wide, I'd give it a go but have a back up plan - you can see above that someone just got an Eglu and run in but also that someone did get a cube in a Fiat Punto and a Ford Fiesta


The run panels do have a bit of flex in them and sometimes you have to flex them to get through the boot aperture


General thinking is that its best to get the coop in first then the run on top


Its like tetris sometimes but if you have the time, room and patience to keep changing your tactics then you may well be ok

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Vauxhall Meriva: Cube; a new Cube with 2m run will fit an old style Meriva in the following way. Other than the box containing the wheel assemblies, discard all other packaging (four boxes). With the back seats down, load the wheel box first then simply pile the rest on top - the wire bits second from last.

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