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Claret's chicks

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To save from hijacking Lesley's thread, I thought I should update here. So to recap so far:


Lesley and Carl very kindly gave us four hatching eggs on 2nd September, one cream legbar/white star cross and 3 barnvelder bantam eggs. I am desperate to have a barnvelder hen to add to my flock, so hope to get one from this clutch. Lesley is not sure whether the barnie eggs will be fertile as she hasn't seen the cock up to anything yet. If we get a barnie hen, then we would like to keep her, I think that Lesley may sell the others as they are quite good 'types'.


One of the barnie eggs proved to be infertile on candling, but the other three eggs looked to contain something.


On Saturday 23rd September the eggs started cheeping and responded when I tapped on them.


At 8am on Sunday 24th September we had one rather damp, yellow chick from the legbar cross egg, it is big and sturdy, Rosie has called it Herbert the Sherbet as it is sherbet coloured. That morning, the other eggs both pipped within half an hour of each other, and by the evening we had one barnie chick out fo the shell and the other nearly out. I have thrown away the infertile egg.


This morning, Monday 25 September, we have 3 beautiful chicks :D Herbert is big and lively, pecks chick crumbs from my hand, but hasn't been out in the run yet to get to the main saucer of food. The other two are still unsteady on their legs and are only starting to peck hesitantly at the crumbs. They are all gorgeous and we can't wait for Lavinia to bring them out into the run.


It has been really lovely watching the chicks develop inside the eggs and then slowly hatch out 8) Phil is going to try to shoot a video clip of them for me to upload.


Pictures to follow when I get time to download them...

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Both my barnies look the same colour. I wonder if that means anything....


Here are some pictures, but if you click the link to my album in my sig, there is a sub-album with more photos in.




I can't embed the photos as with the last gallery as the link doesn't come up in the properties as it used to :twisted:


Just follow this link to the sub-album I have created until Kate, or someone else with powers in the new gallery can tell me how to do it!



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ohhhhhhhhh its sooooooooo exciting,I just love chicks,what great names.


I called one of my last years chicks Humbug,as when it was born it had the colouring and stripes of a humbug sweet.


I looking forwrd to ohing and arrrring over the pics.



:lol: We have a Humbug - a black & Gold poland & a sherbet - a lemon Cuckoo Pekin :lol:

Also a Smartie (multicoloured) & a marsmallow (grey & fluffy)

We want a white silkie for the mini chicken collection,who will be called Floss :P


Clare,lovely pictures - I am so jealous!


One question - what is a Barnie like, & I assume that name is short for something?

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