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I have a kitchen!!!

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Yes i know all of you already have kitchens but i have been without mine for over 4 months and survived with a microwave, toaster & take away menus but now i have it back!!! :D:D:D


It is still not complete as there are some drawers missing and im still waiting for another work surface and some end panels, oh and a fridge cos that got thrown off the delivery van (literally) :roll: but i have a kitchen (sort of!) :dance:


The problem is my brother has popped down for the weekend and as he will be watching the match tonight he wants a take away curry! :evil::roll:


I think i will Christen the oven with Sunday lunch tomorrow :D:D


Now only a bathroom to fit as we have no facilities upstairs at the mo, the rewire to complete, plastering, decorating, fire fitting and carpets and we will be there! :shock::shock:


Oh and last but not least the hen hotel to build - building company supposed to deliver this morning but now cant do it til 6 tonight so another day lost! :evil::evil::evil: but at least i have my kitchen! :lol:

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Nope just wont let me load any pics! :(


The album is there but all the pics have a X on them & no image! :evil::evil:


Sorry guys you will just have to imagine - oak doors, black granite with silver flecks work surface, 5 burner gas hob, double oven, stainless steel splash back & hood, under mount sink with sexy taps & a spray thingy. :lol:


Lesley i will be cooking Quorn fillets, roast & mash spuds, roast parsnips, peas, stuffing, vegy gravy with side servings of apple sauce & picked onions.

Apple crumble & custard for afters! :clap: :clap:

AND i can put the dishes in a dishwasher now too!!! :D:D:D


Must say i never thought i would ever be typing this so it doesnt seem real - im still walking into the kitchen and being surprised! :oops::lol:

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Can you make it for about 5-6pm as I don't finish work til then - can make my way straight from work :lol:


CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS on the kitchen - I still get excited when I look at my kitchen and we put it in two years ago - and although everything had been planned I still forgot to put a plug in for the dishwasher! :oops::roll: But it was funny with us standing there holding the plug saying "Now, where does THIS go!!"



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I'm very happy to bring a bottle of wine and my own chair! :wink:


I think it's lovely to be so pleased and proud of your new kitchen! :D Just enjoy it. 8)


I moved into my new home 4 months ago. It's only a small terrraced house but it's all mine and I still walk around thinking how much I like my little house! :D

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...under mount sink with sexy taps & a spray thingy. :lol:


Can I request a picture of the taps please!


Emma, we had an architact here yesterday and he's gone off to draw up our extention plans. I'm very excited, but also dreading the bit inbetween now and when it's done. No horror stories please. :lol:


How on earth will I cope while the kitchen is being done?

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Gina i will PM you regard the taps.


As for survival while the kitchen is done here are my top tips!


1. Cook now - lots & lots of good wholesome food that can be frozen then microwaved when you need it - we failed to cook enough and ran out 3 weeks in to a 16 week build! :roll:

2. Set up a 'kitchen' elsewhere - we had a large table that had on it our microwave, toaster, kettle, bread bin etc

3. Pack up all the pots & pans & other kitchen stuff etc you will not be using for the duration of the build and label it all - every bit! Nothing worse the hunting for the salt & pepper in 6 large boxes at 8 in the evening :lol:

4. Only have out as many plates ups etc as there are folks in your house + 1 spare to allow for breakages :wink:

5. Get to like beans or spaghetti on toast :shock:

6. Acquire as many take away menus as possible from places that deliver :wink:

7. When the builder gives you a completion date add another 3 weeks!


Hope this helps!

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Glad you hear about your new kitchen Emma


I know just what it's like not to have a kitchen, I had a sink (propped up on some bits of wood) and a microwave/grill thing for 2 years, that was it


I still look a my new kitchen and think how wonderful it is :D

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