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Bye Bye Muppet

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I know it is a chicken site but I just feel so low and lonely, I needed to talk.

I have just had to have my beautiful little cat put to sleep. She had had cancer for 3 years and had several operations. This morning I could see she was going downhill and decided that the time had come to say goodbye whilst she still had a pretty good quality of life.

It is definitley on such days that you wonder why you have animals but then you remember the love and the fun you had together and you KNOW why.

I've had to try to explain things to her sister, Lucy and am just off to tell our 6 ex-battery girls the sad news.

Thanks for listening :(

PS As you will see, my log in name was taken from Muppet so I will remember her very time I log in from now on.

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Ohh I'm so sorry about Muppet, it is the hardest thing about having pets isn't it, I hope Lucy copes without her sister. hopefully seeing your ex battery girls and knowing you are giving them a happy life makes you feel a little bit better.

We lost our lovely GSD a year ago and it was heartbreaking, you have to mourn them but try and remember the fun times too


take care

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Oh I'm so sorry. It's hard making a decision like that for any pet as they become part of your life, don't they. My parents have had cats for years and they've all had to be put to sleep at the end of their lives for one reason or another and it's heartbreaking. It is a brave decision though and at least the suffering is over and she would be grateful for that.


Big hug to you as I've been at the vets at the end myself and know how very hard it is to have to say goodbye like that.

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So sorry about Muppet :cry:


We only have one cat left now, we used to have four


Dan had to take Scratchy to the vets last year, he was very poorly and weak. He had been such a big strong cat, so it was for the best. It is so sad when they go



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Thank you all of you for your kind words and thoughts. It has helped to make a really awful day a little easier to bear. I have just been out to say goodbye to her in the garden where she is now buried. She always used to sleep on the bed so it will be difficult tonight.

Thanks again.



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