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Laura & CTB

Newbie daft question for October

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Obviously chickens are like Bill Clinton -- they don't inhale.


Seriously, I wouldn't have thought that Diatom is hugely dangerous for either humans or chickens to inhale: it's not like asbestos dust. It could just cause coughing or asthma in susceptible people. All fine particles are best avoided, but they're not usually lethal.


And once weighed down with soil the Diatom wouldn't be filling the air, even if it does fly about a bit.

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Hi Shona, I get it - and all my feed, grit etc, - from Galloway and Macleod in Stonehouse which is only 5 mins up the road. Country supplies at Lanark market also have hemcore and all the other bits and bobs, its about 20 mins from me. Do you have a local supplier?

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I've not tried the Fordel one yet - I tried the Dalkieth one and they looked at me blankly.


They're my first phone call tomorrow.


(Sorry but the scones are finished, by the way - you can't have much longer left surely?)

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Didn't think you were en route via carlisle :?:lol:


He will be getting something when he finally shows and it won't be tea and scones :evil:




Still not there??


THAT'S how good my scones are!



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