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I've just had a go at this game, how funny!


Oh how I love sprouts (and I'm being serious!). :)


My boyfriend had no idea what a sprout plant looked like before he spent one Christmas at my parents house and my mum had bought a couple of sticks of sprouts - saying that, he didn't believe me that pigs were hairy as he'd never seen one in real life.......I wonder how he thought the hairs found their way into the fat on pork chops :doh::lol::lol:

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For those of you who love sprouts you do realise that if you havent put them on yet they wont be cooked in time for Christmas Day :shock:

Mel, in all seriousness, I took a look at this topic when I saw Claret had started it. Since she had helpfully reminded us all about changing the forum clock, I assumed that this would be our reminder to get the Chrismas Day sprouts on. Great minds think alike, Mel.

So, thanks Clare. :lol: I haven't stopped to play the game or I won't finish preparing the veg. :wink:

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