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windy Miller's uncle Guber..

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Please tell me that isn't a real advert :shock::oops::lol:


I always switch over when the ads come on :?


it's real OK!! I love the bit where he flaps the newspaper in cooling manner at the end... :wink:



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Funnily enoough, chookiehubbie saw it for the first time last night as well - it's been on for a while, but possibly just on daytime tv up until now.


His reaction was to sparay a mouthful of juice over the couch, as he giggled away at it.

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This is so strange.

The Hubby mentioned about this ad a week or so ago,but it was so bizarre that he assumed he had dreamt it :lol:


Then last night we all caught it on TV,& all though it was hilarious!


The Hubby is relieved that he is not having dreams about plasticine Millers & their naked Swedish uncles :lol::lol::lol:

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I love this advert, I always wonder if the person actually made the plastercine man "true to life" if you see what I mean :lol:


...then I get quite worried about the fact I am actually thinking about plastercine men and their meat and two veg :oops:




:lol::lol: If they did,they must have given him a Brazilian.

Its pretty close to the mark in some places :lol:

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