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Perfect Day - request...

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I saw this last night - part two of a trilolgy on Channel 5 - absolutely fantastic (I thought)


anyway - having not been aware of it until part two (last night) - I missed part one..


did anyone tape part one (last week) - and if so - would there be someone who would be willing to loan me the tape?


part three is on next wednesday - they are standalone - but I'd quite like to see the first part before I see the third...




(PS - for those wot don't like it - quite a bit of swearing and quite a few sexual references... - but no nudity... though it did have Claire Goose in it - used to be Nurse Tina in Casualty and was in Waking the Dead.. (wasn't she pushed off a high building and killed in that??)


I've always had a thing for her..


phwooaaar - she's a babe...



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I'm just appreciating God's awesome handiwork... that's all - credit where credit's due... :wink:


God put a lot of effort in with young Claire - and it's nice when someone notices...


anyway - did anyone video it last week??



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I think they had a brief fling - but she's actually engaged to be married to a writer-producer called Craig Woodrow... (lucky fellah!)


Kerrigan - he was the nurse with the bleached hair wasn't he? He lost that and adopted a meaner look for PC Traynor in Merseybeat..


did you know that he is multitalented? - he's a breakdancer and a composer - he composed the themetune for Merseybeat...


anyway - to warm your cockles...







and here's the lovely claire working for oxfam...





Do you want to come round and watch some old videos of casualty? All the scenes with Tina and Sam?? :wink:



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