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Chasing Chickens

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As you all like pics, thought you might like these. My lot are so greedy, if we go into the garden they swoop on you and follow at your heels until they get treats :shock: (they haven't had many treats, honest!)

Today, when Dan ran down the garden, first Florrie ran after him, then, as he continued to run up and down the garden, they all joined in - absolutely hilarious! The pictures don't really do it justice, but you get the idea....





Haven't laughed so much in ages ... :lol::lol:

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:lol: Lovely pics! So funny. :D


A friend of mine was always under the impression that chickens were very timid and would run away from humans. How wrong can someone be?!! :roll:


Run away from us - never


Ours are so "clever" they can hear the curtain being opened over the french doors, the key turning in the lock and the latch opening - they come running to the run nearest the door and start clucking away


It's so cute and hilarious at the same time!!




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