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How windy was it last night...I woke up at 1.30am and couldn't sleep until it was time to get up :twisted:


I left the girls door undone (eglu not run) ansd had better check them poor things. I had no idea it was going to be so blustery.


Take care

on the roads today guys


BBx :D

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Unbelievably windy and wet here in Sheffield.


Blooming scaffolding up side of house rattled like mad all night. Poor Gary the builder..who was like a drowned rat yesterday morning will probably not come today because of the wind. The recent weather has really held things up....and is costing a fortune as we have had the scaffolding for far longer than anticipated.


Also my poor hens, whom I moved onto higher ground...at great expense....have huge puddles around their runs. If it wasn't for the fact that they are on concrete slabs, they'd be paddling again.


Am so glad that I dashed home yesterday to let them play out for an hour.....the sun was actually shining!

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Very scary here overnight as well - and still scary now. All the animals are a bit spooked - cats are running everywhere outside. The cows are having to put up with clanging metal in the barn.


My son is coming to do some odd jobs but I've no idea what to give him to do. He's quite likely to be decapitated by flying corrugated sheet metal if working outside :?


We were saving indoor jobs until the weather was really bad - do you think that time has come? :?:shock:

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We've got a weather thingy and the wind speed was nearly off the scale overnight - 85mph. This morning I watched the most amazing hail storm - it looked like the arctic as it was blown away horizontally :shock: ! The dogs looked very pleased to be cuddling the Aga and I hope the banties are equally grateful for their winter quarters!!!


The most amazing thing of all is that we still have power ..... tempting fate or what!

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We too have got it quite blustery overnight, I was woken several times through the night as Molly as upset by the door knocker rattling away. We already have a wonky fence from the other week that we haven't fixed yet so I hope it can hold out this gusty spell til the weekend when we can fit some more posts to support it!


Looks like more planes will be going skiing at the airport today if it's as windy there!


Am soooo tired now!




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Rattling knockers, it must be windy :shock::wink:


Well we survived the walk but I nearly collapsed as I was playing hide and seek and daisie went home :shock: I thought she'd been snatched and was nearly in tears and screaching like a banshee. she just suddenly appeared coming back from our house, oh the relief :D


A few fences around us look near the end of their useful lives, more to come I've heard but off to look at metcheck,



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Metcheck has been rubbish for this area recently :x


Yesterday was supposed to be raining all day - Carl took me to work so I didn't have to walk in the rain - it was a really nice day, sun shining.........


I think it has got today right though - we'll probably lose power soon, every light is flashing at the moment :?

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Same here - it was so windy it kept lifting our very old roof slates up & banging them back down again,which was noisy & frightening :shock:


I was woken about 2am, & couldn't get back to sleep, but I have a lazy day today so have just grabbed an hours kip after the girls went to school.

The hens seem to hate it too, & I had a nightmare that the Eglu was blown off its stand :roll:


Brian (The Hubby) is working on a roof today,replacing cladding - long thin bits of plastic - so he is bound to come home feeling fed up.

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down here in Devon tis the same :cry:


i couldnt sleep last night either - dog was scared of the really gusty winds.


I am TOTALLY fed up with this weather now...its really depressing...since September all we've had is wind and rain...I think I can only recall 2 or 3 nights of cold frosty weather since then! :shock:


roll on frosty mornings, sunny blue skies. :dance:


I want it COLD COLD COLD...so I can crunch in the leaves...not wet wet wet



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We just had a freak storm here! :shock: The heavens opened and the winds were terrible - all over in 10 minutes.


My son came in to report that the chicken ark had blown away :shock: It is heavy but had been lifted off the base, leaving the base and the innards behind :shock: The chickens were cowering at the far end of the run. Luckily, it hadn't hurt any of them.


We sorted that out and we now have a bit of blue sky - came in and was just sorting out my photos when we had a power cut :? I would have expected it while we had the storm, but not after......... :?

Ark upside down


Chickens at the end of the run


No chickens underneath...


Back to normal...


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Gosh Kate - want to borrow some sand bags :shock: Your LSH will have to put his jacket over that puddle so you can get out :wink:


It's very windy miller here today too. We are ontop of a hill so it really does blow your wig off. It was chucking it down so hard this morning, I was really fed up, so I took Stefan swimming and we had a nice time and cheered ourselves up.


This week our neighbour has decided to put new fencing up. Of course, it's all come to stand still and I can't let the chooks out as they'll be garden hopping :roll:

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Wow Lesely. That was a lucky escape for the hens. I think we had that storm here this morning. It was horrendous, and it was just at the time I was leaving the house. By the time I got to where I was going it was all over - typical :roll:


Do you want some sand bags too...or LSH's coat for that matter :lol:

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Lesley: Poor little chookins huddled in a corner.:(

I love the last picture where they're acting like nothing has happened. :roll:


Kate :shock:


Shut my newbies in the omlet run as the others would hog it otherwise. I wish I could keep little Megan inside as she is so small and cuddly and flies off if she is unhappy :(

Oldies have been ousted outside as they're more hardy and I've made a makeshift canvas shelter.

It is funny when their feathers blow right out :lol:

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Its windy here too - WE had a scary moment at school this morning when thekids were coming in andt he sky suddenly went black - wind started to swirl and a terrific downpour started - kids screamed and our Head got drenched running around outside trying to make sure everyone was ok - sort of like a mini tornado - some parents seemed really shook up :shock::shock:

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The roof of the chicken run kept me awake with its banging last nigt. OH has come home early to put some more screws in it.


DD3's dancing lesson has just been cancelled. The hall had to be evacuated when a Chestnut tree started to crack. Just after everyone was out, the tree split in two and half of it is across the road :shock: Our lesson wasn't till 5:30pm, so now we don't have to go - but what a scare!

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