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Thanks for that Claire :D I am heartily sick of repairing and painting my fences, and plan in the long run to replace them with brick walls topped with old 'blue' cappping stones, as that is what would've been there originally (and is still in place in some houses in my road). But with money being sc"Ooops, word censored!", that will all have to wait for now.


These plastic posts and fences sound a great idea - if mine aren't rotting then they are being blown down!

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Well.we did loose the power and the router so no more posting. I know I said that it might miss us but at about 2.15 i heard a thump and guessed the wheelie bin had gone over, so i went outside. It was unbelievable :shock:







The roof came off in one and flew 80 metres, i was inside it trying to empty it when some of the walls blew away. Oh forgot to mention the roof is 10x10 foot and is too heavy to lift, even with four men :!:. We will need to dismantle it in the field. Guess what we'll be doing this weekend :roll:



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