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September 23rd at 4pm - LET'S BREAK THE RECORD!

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I've split this topic off for maximum coverage! Hope everyone logs in on September 23rd at 4pm! - Kate



If we're going to have an amnesty day - and I agree 31st Sept is the perfect day, and it should be an annual event so OHs will know none of us are forum addicts :oops: - then we should also have a day and time when as many of us as possible log on together. At the bottom of the forum index page it says:

Most users ever online was 25 on Tue Sep 28, 2004 1:33 pm


This is now nearly a year out of date and I think we should exceed and update it. Any ideas for day and time to do it?

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How about Friday 23rd then? Evening, so I can relax, feet up, glass of wine and weekend ahead of us, and chat with friends (aka fellow forum addicts).

Actually, even as I posted that I remembered Louise hasn't got internet access at home, but Annie will no doubt have a classroom full of darlings earlier in the day :? . What about late-ish afternoon- 4pm?

Please don't do it in the next 2 weeks, I'm away :roll:

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4.00?? are you joking? Still up to my elbows in books and whatever else the little darlings have left behind for me!!

I don't think we'll get a time that suits everybody, so go for whatever you wish...If I can, I'll sneak upstairs to the computer room and hope that there's no filter to keep me out...... by hook or by crook, whenever you guys are up for it, I'll be there!!!

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Just a thought; We've arranged the time as 4pm, 23/9/05, which sounds popular.

But, for anyone who can't make that time, we could have a few others in addition.Perhaps, on the hour, as near as poss, eg. 3pm, before school collection, and 7pm, after work.

Therefore, if you can log on at all on that day, aim for 4pm, but if 4 is out for you, make it the nearest on the hour that you can manage! :P


Oh, it was a complex thought, should I be deleted?

Also, I'll have to stay online all day to see what happens :roll:


4 o'clock was a good idea 8) PS, I need an agility lesson, Mel.

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