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Why should it be woodchips and not bark chips? I'm confused. I have bark chips on one of my borders and my girls love scratching around to find bugs so I'd thought of putting it in the run, but just hadn't got round to it yet so any advice would be appreciated.

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Mine are on chipped bark - the stuff that people use on their borders to keep weeds down.3

I use a mini size,as I reckon it is easier for the hens to kick about.


To date I have never changed it ,but just replenished it every few months.

My hens are in a big pen with the Eglu on a raised platform,& like Martin says they bury the bark in loose soil & have a jolly old time digging it about.

There is no smell & no visible poo either :P


I intend to give it a good spring clean later in the year, & will probably take a lot of it out & replace it then.

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There were questiones raised at one point about bark chip and moulds that could cause breathing problems for chooks but I think it may have been more in the case of birds kept indoors on bark. I'm on a mix of Aubiose and wood chip as mine seem to be able to the aubiose into a soild pancake in about 24 hours. The wood chip lumps seem to help keep it more broken up

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I use the childrens play area bark, it's softer and the girls love scratching through it. As well as topping up, I remove the eglu every so often and dig the site over before making it all up again.

The girls love to help me as the area underneath is usually full of juicy worms.

you can dig in some garden lime too which freshens it all up :D

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