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Pointy Egg

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I got one laid on my lap once. :D

It seemed no effort at all, but then it was my best layer. Some do seem to make a bit of a song and dance over it. She just did a mild croon, stood up and wandered off... :lol::lol:

Often our torpedo layer's eggs have ridges on. I think its just as the shell is being formed though, nothing to do with pushing it out.

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Aren't they funny? One of Florrie's first eggs had a squishy end with a little 'nipple' blob on the end. And yesterday Pom laid one with a tiny pebble attached!!I think she got carried away with the grit eating - it was definitely a tiny gray pebble with a light covering of the brown speckles that coloured the rest of the egg shell. :shock:

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We get quite a few pointy eggs when the chickens are upset by something e.g. round bonfire night.

Katy's pointy egg was pointy AND washed out looking the day after we had the cheek to add new chickens :shock: and she was :x about the whole thing :roll:


Still she's the only one that's producing any eggs at the moment :(

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