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Paper Pots

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Hi Ali!


Its a bit difficult to describe, but the paper pots take seconds to make.


You cut the paper to 1 1/2 times the circumference of the round bit (with the handle)

As high as the lower part of the round bit that fits in the base, plus an extra 3 cm or so.


Then wrap the sheet of paper (I used 2 sheets together) around the lower bit and push into the base.


I used them last year and they were fab.


Re reading this sounds awful, but it really is simple to make.


C x

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I have the aforementioned paper potter and refuse to use it anymore. Whilst it was easy to make the pots i found that i had to leave lots of room around each one for air to circulate or else mould would grow on them which is very off-putting! I expect its just me being hopeless at planting seeds but now i use good old seed trays which are thoroughly washed and reused each time. :roll: I am also using tall coir pots for my carrots, hoping that i can start them off at home and then plant the whole thing out. Our allotment has heavy clay soil which doesn't warm up til June! :x I'm far too impatient!

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