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My cars been scratched...

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If you saw him,then I would take some photos as evidence,then phone his boss at the local sorting office.

Its terrible that he did it,& you saw him,but he is denying it :roll:


Get snaps of the damage & where the car was parked & also his route.

Good luck - The Royal Mail has insurance to cover this sort of thing,so don't let them pull a fast one!

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By the postman. I saw him do it, he squeezed through a little gap between my car and a bush instead of going the other side where there is plenty of room. What do you think I should do. I caught up with him, and he said it wasn't him! :evil: Any suggestions?

Non family forum thoughts come to mind about what to do with his letters :shock:

I suppose it depends how scratched as to what to do. Maybe complain to his boss, as you are doing, or get someone he'd listen to to talk to him. Keep a note of any future evidence.

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Cheek :shock: that he denied it when you clearly saw him !! :evil:


I've nothing against postman (dont want to offend the good ones) but ours walks all over the lawn and our garden and ignores the path and it really annoys me..........law unto himself.


definitely take it further.........sorting office probably closes before 1.30pm.

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