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Excited about homework!!!

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An absolute first in our household. Daughter has come home from school today really excited and keen to get stuck into her RE homework. They're focussing on animal welfare issues this term, and have been looking today at testing on animals and the debate about animal testing for cosmetics and medicines, so that got her all fired up. Then the teacher asked for a show of hands about who bought free range eggs, and for comments about why people chose free range, barn or caged eggs. Immi of course chose to volunteer the fact that we never actually buy eggs, and all her friends made comments about visiting our hens and how lovely they are to cuddle............. and chase around the garden :roll::oops::oops:

The homework is to research about the battery hen industry and to prepare an argument for or against battery hens for a class debate.

We've already downloaded BHWT newsletters and she's trying to find some of our old photos from rescues. I'd love to sit in on that lesson :D

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How lovely to have exciting, interesting, enjoyable and thought provoking homework :D:D


Homework in our house is rarely any of those things........or come to it, related to the current class topic. Normally just a photocopied sheet from a source book :evil: which doesn't get marked or commented on.


Only now eldest is doing GCSEs does Homework seem more course related and interesting :D

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Great news Kate - why don't you offer to take one or two of the hens in? :D


Immi thought about it, but secondary schools aren't as flexible as primary, and I think that the hens would totally disrupt the lesson :wink:


She's really worked hard on this, went to speak to the teacher after school to offer suggestions, and the result is that Immi's leading the lesson :shock: with a debate about the battery hen industry. She's prepared all manner of pictures/ posters, downloaded info from BHWT & the RSPCA etc, and of course has got our photos (and a few "borrowed" ones- PM coming your way Emma :wink: ).

Controversially though she's leading the debate supporting the battery hen industry because she said her class colleagues were all about pretty, fluffy hens can't keep them in cages, but still eating battery eggs and bought cakes. So she's arguing that the farmers are fulfilling a demand, British is better than imports (found some stuff about the recent foreign eggs not being free range story) and that we consumers need to change our shopping habits to force change.

She's also written a letter to Hellmans and is going to pass it round after the lesson, asking her classmates to sign it if they agree with her argument.

Oh, and she invited her teacher to join us on the next rescue :shock: I'm not sure what teacher's response will be, but I do hope that I can OK it with Jean :?:roll::roll:

I'm almost beginning to feel some sympathy for the teacher. Immi's usually quiet and a bit shy, but when she gets fired up she's a force to be reckoned with :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Good for Immi. Her interest and preparation will show, as will her passion. And I bet she will have made at least 30 people think very carefully about the egg industry too.

I would be very proud of her if she were mine Kate! :D:D

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yes yes, now where were we again......







was bored the other day so had a peek at some of the first posts on this forum.........one caught my eye..........



Posted by James


Topic Title - 'Please stay on topic - its much easier to follow'



and that was before some meandering people had even joined :wink::wink:

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