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Week of firsts!

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Well I've been wondering when she would produce her first egg -


Fizz, my lovely araucana has finally started to follow me around and has suddenly become very tame! I took this pic as she came in the kitchen for the first time, something the others have been doing for a while now! As you can see, she's also quite red around the face - she's been yellow up until now! And this is what I got out of the nest box today -



Don't they look gorgeous?

So - first 4 egg day, first blue egg and just for an extra special treat - first full week of no nappies at all during the day and no accidents either for the littlest son!


Whew - need to go and sit down now :oops::D

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Well done to Fizz and the Little Owlet too.


Potty training reminds me of frayed nerves :roll:


TELL me about it! Up and down to the potty every time he feels a little sensation, only to produce a teaspoonful :evil: And you have to say 'Wonderful!' when what I really want to say is 'you got me out of my chair for that?' :lol: Bless him! He was 2 in September, so doing very well - easier having big brothers to watch and copy! :roll:

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