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I'm so eggcited.....i'm dancing in my kitchen!!!!

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Got a phone call from Sarah (BHWT Sussex Coordinator) and we can have 2 rescued girls this weekend :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::D


We are helping at the next rescue (end of March) and were going to have 2 girls from this rescue but Sarah had to keep 8 girls back from the January rescue as they weren't well enough to be rehomed.

They're now OK for rehoming to suitable homes (feel very proud that we are a suitable home :angel: - although I think Sarah knows we're a bit animal mad after we met her the other week for a 'chat and get to know you' :roll::roll:)

The girls are still a bit bruised and battered and will need some extra extra special care and we have been warned that they may always be a little weaker - but we don't mind :D:D They've got their own eglu so no problems with having to integrate them with our exsisting girls.


Sorry to ramble :oops: but i'm

SO EGGCITED :dance::dance::dance:

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Oh say hi to Sarah from me, great news and lucky old you :D:D:D




Will Do Buffie - must just remember to use your real name :D:wink:


Yes Pam she'll have no idea who buffie is! I'm hoping she is coming to Jimmy's as we haven't properly met, only briefly at a farm last year:wink:



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Hi Pam


Good luck with your new girls, I bet you are so excited now :D


I wonder if your girls names will have a similar theme to our girls names, just a thought :wink:

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