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I'd say White Star and Speckldy.


I say this because they are both supposedly prolific egg layers. A White Star lays a lovely White egg and the Speckldy lays an egg which is covered in speckles! They have lovely temperaments and are good with children.

Their eggs will be noticed if you sell them and even though they are the same as your current eggs inside customers see them as a bonus and more attractive.

Does that make sense? :lol:

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White ones have a reputation for being more flighty (i.e. wanting to fly out). T&S (amberstar) were when they were young. White stars do lay white eggs though :D

They are all hybrids (I think :oops: due to "star" on the end) so probably fairly similar. Maybe go for what you fancy when you see them, but try not to take them all home :lol:

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Well, I have both a White Star & a Speckelldy, & they are both lovely girls.


Lily,my White Star,has an excess of personality,can run like the clappers & is the nosiest animal I have ever come across.Try lifting the roosting bars out with her sat on them trying to see what you are doing :roll:

The beautiful pure white eggs are a bonus too, & she hardly ever has a day off from laying


Poppy is the speckeldy & she is very sweet & friendly.She is also a great layer & is very,very beautiful


Sussex Stars are not such good layers, & I am not keen on black hens as they are harder to see from a distance ,especially if they are housed on bark as mine are.


There are some photos of them both in my Gallery - link below :P

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Ok, I'm back...with two new additions! In the end I opted for two white star, the speckldeys were still very young (about 14 weeks) and the thought of some nice white eggs was far too tempting! Woo hoo!


Honey and Maple seem to be a bit put out, there's lots of 'bawk-bawking' going on, and they seem to be sizing each other up through the run! I hope it doesn't get nasty when they all go into roost.

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