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de beaking?

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I have decided to get my hens through Omlet as the RedStar sound like they will be better layers. (Then I can better validate to my roomie the keeping of chickens.)


In the US. . .when ordering chickens with the Eglu, it seems the only option is to get de-beaked chickens. What experience do you have with this? Does it hurt the bird?


If you got birds from Eglu that are "debeaked" what is your experience?



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Hello from across the pond!


As far as I am aware, Omlet hens are not debeaked in the UK. Mine certainly weren't.


It is a procedure very much frowned upon over here, and I think it is used only in commercial flocks as a general rule.


I don't know if it hurts the bird, probably not is my guess, although it can't be an enjoyable experience but it can compromise their ability to eat and to groom.

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I ordered the Eglu today and should have it in a few days. I did find a local place to get my chickens so I don't have to worry about them being shipped and de-beaked. Very excited about that. . .that was the one thing that held me up getting chickens.

The local place has day-old chicks, a few pullets and some older hens needing homes. . .so I'm going on saturday to pick my two girls. Although day olds might be cute & fun. . .sounds like a lot of work. So as long as the older birds are ok with human contact. . .I'm going that route.


This may change once I meet them. . .but I'm considering the names Rosemary (as in R. Baby) and Clarisse (Silence of the Lambs).


I look forward to visiting with each of you as I learn about the keeping of chickens. I'm so excited.

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don't get two! get three!


sometime in the future one of your hens will pass away and the remaining chook will be desperately lonely. If this should happen at an inconvenient time of year it might take weeks or even months before you can get another.

I would get three now, of differing ages. I just picked up my third today :wink:


however many you go for... I hope you'll all be very happy together :D

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The Eglu will accommodate three comfortably.....but if they are to be confined to the run for long periods, you might want to consider a run extension, just to give them a bit more space to wander about.


I love the names you have picked.....very unusual.



Keep in touch and show us some pics of your girls.

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