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Henrietta hasn't laid for more than a week...

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I know she's definitely not moulting and that she can lay eggs!


She came back into lay after her moult in February after going into moult in August. She's over a year old now, but I still expect her to lay some more eggs, especially as Muddles who is similar in age lays loads of eggs still even though she moulted.


Do you have any tips on what's caused it?

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I think the girls find the changing seasons tough and it sends their hormones haywire - poor clara has managed her first egg with a shell this week - all of the others have been gooey shell - less efforts. No sooner than I had ordered shellstim because I Was worried as she is normally so reliable - and then this evening when I got home one egg (very thin shelled - but shell none the less. I gave mine some tuna for extra protein, lots of grit and their normal pellets with water to make sure they ate them, and some poultry spice too.

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Well last night when louse-powdering her I found this largish lump underneath her vent. It's solid and quite red, it looks fairly painful too.


I don't know what's caused it, but I think that's why shes not been layng. I've put a post in chicken clinic too.

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