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Can O Worms on TV

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Did anyone see Richard & Judy this evening?

They had a feature on recycling with worms & had a Can O Worms on there.......as well as the younger Mr Strawbridge (unfortunatly he kept his top on)

There was a woman who wrote a good article in the Mail yesterday about her Can O Worms too.

You can see her article here -



It was quite good - Richard even sniffed a worm :shock::roll::roll:

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Yes, I saw it! And the young Mr Strawbridge was very informative, if a little nervous. Aaah! A bit quieter than his father!


I'm sure the woman said she'd only had hers 24 hours so it was too early to report anything. What sort of article could she have written about it yesterday? :?


Mr strawbridge said a can-o-worms was much easier to get to grips with than ordinary composting. I have only read the experiences of others, but my impression was that it is quite tricky keeping the worms alive. I wanted to ask him about it!

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I have a can of worms. it does work quite well, but I find it on the slow side.

The compost is excellent though, and it also produces a "worm tea" liquid, which is a superb plant food.


All in all I would say get one, but don't expect the worms to eat all your veg waste in super quick time...It is a useful extra.


PS...worms hate anything oniony or citrusy.

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Mine seem OK although I still haven't been able to add the top layer yet, I did put them in the shed over the winter to keep them warm. I can't actually put too much food in the wormery at a time they seem to go very slow, I may try and add some horse manure from the stables that has worms in it to speed things up................ :lol:

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