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Tina C

What great service!

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Ordered some (more) netting and an egg timer on on Tuesday. Have just received them. What great service.


My new girls will be able to free-range a bit now.


However, omlet were just pipped by Flyte So Fancy. My goods arrived just under 24 hours after I ordered them over the internet.


This is what internet shopping should be like.


Anyone else got any good news stories about great service? (I know we like to have a moan but sometimes we forget to praise the good guys).

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Ordered a pair of Crocs from Jellyegg on Wednesday evening they claim 48 hour delivery which meant I should have got them Saturday morning (when I would be in) they arrived Friday so I had to go and fetch them :lol:


Shouldn't complain for extra fast service 8)

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8) Yes, I've found Omlet very fast & reliable for extras. Tina, when you've used the egg timer, please could you tell me how it works?

Son rec'd one from Father Christmas (at 24yrs old it was lovely to see the :):) on his little face as he opened the stocking (edit, I think the look was :roll::?:roll: ) but he lost the instructions & er, it doesn't seem to do anything....any ideas what is supposed to happen, we must be doing something wrong?

You're right Tina, it's good to accentuate the positive in between rants at inefficiency! :D

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Isn't it great when you find really good companies who have really good service?

Omlet,Jellyegg,Lakeland,the place I got my pecka blocks from......all fantastic :P


That is one thing they do really well in America - customer service.

It makes me so mad when I have to wait in all day for a delivery to arrive & they can't/won't even give you an estimated time.

A couple of times I waited in on my day foo (when I worked) & they didn't show at all :twisted:


My Next courier NEVER turns up on the day he is supposed to ,meaning I have to phone & chase the delivery up which is a real waste of my time


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I ordered some moving boxes last night, at about 5pm - they have just arrived now!


FAB service from A1 boxes! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Omlet also never cease to amaze me - my Eglu turned up a day early, and all other orders have arrived within 48 hours at the longest. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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I just hope my customer service is as good as Omlet's!!!


I'm fairly good though, and post things the day I recieve payment!


I have to agree, Omlet's service is fantastic, Cavey ordered some spare bits for me, to go with his eglu I bought and they turned up at my house in 24 hours!

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Yep - my new roosting bars & omlet boxes arrived yesterday, super quick. The girls are well happy after their spring clean - no egg today as yet tho - naughty girls!!!!

I've also had next day delivery from lookatmycrazyshoes.com for crocs and jibbitz. Bit addicted to crocs - on my ninth pair already!!!! :roll:

Shopping channels like ideal world & qvc are not so swift! Gosh you can see how I fill my time up ( shopping) ! :wink:


Emma. x

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