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Eglu arriving Monday - chickens arriving Thursday

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Hello everyone :D


Unfortunately I live outside of the delivery area to get chickens with my eglu :cry: so am getting them from a farm which Omlet have recommended.


I'm a little apprehensive about them coming - but really excited (as is my husband deep down). I'm really concerned I won't know what I'm doing and I'm concerned about our six cats. Will everyone become one big happy family?

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Great news :D

I know how you feel.I was awfully apprehensive when my girls were due to arrive.

But I started with 2, & now I have 8 :lol:


Cats shouldn't be a problem. Mine have always been given a hard time by the hens,rather than the other way around!

A couple of swift beakings & the cat knows its place.


Hope all goes well :D

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Hello Lynn and welcome to the forum!


No experience with cats and chickens together but i'm sure the chickens will stuck up for themselves. Keep them in the run for the first few days to settle them in.


Any questions, no matter how stupid you think they are, just ask! We all started from scratch so don't worry!


Best of luck :D

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My two cats are very wary of the chooks and are in no doubt as to who is top of the pecking order in our garden.


Biscuit must be 4 times the size of your little hens too :lol:


He is enormous now Sarah :roll: Biccie used to make runnning passes at the chooks and found it fun. They'd either move off muttering to themselves, or run back at him squawking. He soon got the idea that it wasn't welcome :lol:

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Welcome to the forum, Lynn - you are going to have such fun with your chickens!

My cat was snoozing upstairs when the Eglu was delivered; he strolled up the garden an hour or so later and froze rigid when he saw it and the chickens happily pottering inside. He sat there for about 20 mins, and for about a week afterwards he wouldn't pass it. Now he seems to enjoy watching them, but not with any indication of wanting to chase them - they haven't been totally free-range yet, only inside the Omlet netting, but I'm sure they would deliver a hefty peck if approached! Make sure your cats get used to the chickens inside the Eglu before letting them meet face-to-face, and stay on hand to supervise the first few encounters - I think you'll find it will be fine.

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Hello Lynn (good name)


We have three cats, and the oldest, Macallan a 5 year old burmese (weapon of mass destruction) couldn't believe his luck when our first two chickens arrived. Once the girls had settled in we let them out and then let him into the garden. He stalked Ginger, and then made a leap. To his immense surprise, she took off vertically, turned in mid air and then went for him. He never tried to attack her again. Ginger, however, took it upon herself to take revenge on behalf of all bird kind, and would chase him whenever she got the chance.


We now have new chickens and new cats, and they all get on fine. It's lovely to see them all lying in the sun together.


Have fun with your chickens. What sort are you getting?

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