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Stopping Chickens getting bored

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I know our chickens shouldn't be let out for the first 5 days - in fact I can't let them out of the run until our fences have been fixed on 17th April.


So how do I keep them ammused in their run - they are itching to get out.


Today Chickie was scrating around as if she wanted a dust bath, so I put in a tray of dry soil. They didn't bath but they both scrathed around for insects/grabs whatever for a good few hours which amused both them and us.


I also gave them a few cooked green beans which they 'played' with for quite a while - it was very funny - Chickie always wanted the one Boo had just picked up.


Any other suggestions for keeping stir crazy chickens amused ??


Thanks, H

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We play cabbage swingball, tie the string around the cabbage tightly and hang it up from the top of the run. They will jump up and bite bits off! :lol:


We do that with lettuce. They're usually devoured within the space of 2 hours, but they're only 32p from tesco! 8)

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Just bought a little metal cage from a garden centre, intended for fat for wild birds I think, but I stuffed it with pak choi and hung it up ... ten minutes later, it was empty! I'm going to fill this every day with greens for them, as I can only let them out for limited periods.


That's the only trouble with veggie treats, they don't last long. I'm not sure how bored a chicken gets, though - they do have quite tiny brains, don't they?

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Many thanks for all your replies.

So far the sweetcorn goes down as fast as they can get it.

Green beans seem popular.

Not entusiastic about lettice leaves - will only eat them if they have nothing better to play with.

Will keep experimenting until our garden fences are replaced next week and they can be let out to explore

They (and we) can't wait.


From what I've read,

a. its basically safe to give them anything we'd eat (except avocado (and meat)) and they may or may not like it.

b. some garden plants are dangerous, but they should know themselves NOT to eat them (as they would if they were 'wild' chickens )


Is this about right ?



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Mine are on hemcore so I scatter cut grass in the run they love it and keeps them occupied for hours


Hi - new at this and chickens will eventually be moved from small piece of grass they are currently on to a permanent bark chippings area. However, keep reading posts about hemcore and aubiose. Do you keep your hens in the run all the time, as you say you are scattering grass in there for them? Do you let them out at all? How will the hemcore cope outside when it rains? Thanks.

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Hi :lol:


I use Aubiose in the run which is mostly covered over but the sides do get wet - the beauty of Aubiose is that it dries out very quickly - especially the top layer so the girls arent getting their feet wet :wink:


My two get let into the garden as soon as I get home from work - they lover pottering about and digging up my gravel etc.


Putting things like grass, mealworms, corn in the run and mixing it into the Aubiose keeps them amused for ages when they are in the run as they scratch away trying to find something tasty :lol:

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