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Whoo hoo!

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Thought I'd post some pics to celebrate-

Youngest son with Egg-technically it was his because he chose the hen who laid it


The Egg- proudly atop the others in the egg bowl (shows the size :lol: )


The proud and magnificent Magnifico, wondering what al the fuss is about


Have a great weekend everyone

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She laid another one today! It was HUUUUUUUUUUUGE :shock: 3 times the size of yesterdays. I saw her ambling into the eglu singing a very funny tune, she sounded like a snake-charmer's flute :lol: saw her on nest gave it an hour then casually reminded my son to change their water and check 'just in case she's laid another egg' :wink: He came running into the kitchen with giant egg and big smile.

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