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Lynn in Bristol

Happy Holiday Hens

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Back on Saturday from a FABULOUS week on Lundy Island! (That's in the Bristol Channel, though the weather was positively Mediterranean). No roads, cars, TV, radio etc, just good food, far too much drink, loads of fresh air and exercise. All the animals survived without us. :roll:


On arrival, went to (only ) shop to stock up on food. They have a small flock of free range hens there, but the space on the shelf where their eggs should have been was empty! :!: There was a note there to the effect that as the hens were rather elderly, they were not laying particularly well, but that hopefully, when they realised the alternative, they might buck their ideas up. :eh:


Left the shop with half formed idea to sponsor the entire flock to stop their premature demise. I needn't have worried. :pray:


Found the farmer, Kevin, the next day, knee deep in lambs (Ahhh, cute) and questioned him about the hens. He explained that they were all ex-battery, and that he hadn't replaced the older ones last year because of the threat of bird flu. Later in the week, we managed to get hold of a dozen island eggs, and they were just scrummy (nearly as good as our own).


We visited the girls every day, and I'm sure they got to recognise us, judging by the speed they crossed the field towards us. What a wonderful place for ex-battery hens to end their days. There are no foxes, rats or other predators, except perhaps the odd bird of prey. They share a large field with several runner ducks and three noisy geese. :D


There are also two black hens, Henny and Penny, who are completely free range. Apparently they know when the day trippers are due, and lie in wait for s"Ooops, word censored!"s. :D


Will post pictures when I've got through the mounds of washing, and have a moment!

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Sounds absolutely wonderful Lynn. :)


I have this vision in my head now of those lucky little hens scurrying about on a cliff top field with sea views ending their days on a sunny Devon island......warms the cockles of your heart doesnt it!!


It would be fab to see some pictures.


Glad our Devon weather was kind to you. :)

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Sounds great - Lundy is lovely isn't it :D . Did you camp or stay in one of the buildings? We live in North Devon and can walk to the coast path in about 10 minutes where there is a fantastic view of Lundy 8)


Did you get there on the Oldenburg?

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oh I'm so jealous :mrgreen: I did a working holiday with the National Trust on Lundy some years ago, and I'd love to go back, it really is beautfiful there (and isn't it wonderful when the day trip people go back and you are STAYING there!) what a lovely place for battery hens to see out their days.

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Are all the little islands around the coast of Britain free from foxes? They must be chicken paradise. I wonder which is the biggest island that is fox free? I imagine that the Isle of Wight has foxes.


(By the way, the Australians must hate us for introducing foxes there just so that hunters could have some fun.)

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Right, finally got the kids back to school, tidied the house and loaded on the 170 odd holiday photos. This is my first attempt at pictures so bear with me!


First the ex-bats in their field:




Henny (or is it Penny?) lurking in the pub garden:




couldn't resist this one:




and finally, our holiday accomodation (honesty!):



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Lighthouse (or rather the building behind it) is split into the two original flats which would have housed the keepers families. The tower (disused so no light) is open to everyone. OH went up there one night after a few pints of cider and fell asleep in a deckchair. :oops: The lighthouse is about a ten minute walk from the pub across fields - kids loved getting home in the dark with torches. :lol:


Lambs were great, and we were always welcome in the lambing shed - strangely we always 'just missed' a birth. Everyone on the island went ga-ga over the lambs, but I think we were the only ones who noticed the hens!


We've already booked to go back next Easter :D


Gratuitous sunset picture:



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Yes it was Landmark Trust. Not the cheapest holiday in the world but worth every penny. Trip across on the MS Oldenburg is brilliant, great start to the holiday, the crew are brilliant (on our first trip across, in October 2005 we were all very sick - we had just watched the Movie 'A Perfect Storm' it was like that!)


Lundy is really brilliant, you all should go there, but keep it secret!


Glad you like the photos, only another 175 left to show you!






Only kidding!

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