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Just had my new chooks and eglu delivered!

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Hi all - I am now sitting looking at Paxo, Bisto and their new red eglu! Johannes and Roger (the new guy) were great, set everything up and went through cleaning/feeding and wing clipping, and I am happy to report that two hours of chicken ownership have been great :D

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I got my RED iglu and 2 chooks about 3 weeks ago.

They settled in fantastically.

They put themselves to bed the FIRST night - no messing around.

I closed the eglu door and let them out at around 7am for about a week, but now I leave the eglu door open (but the run door SHUT of course) and they're up and out by 5.20 (thats the earliest that I happened to have looked out !!)

I let them out into the garden after about 10 days.

They're easy to get back with a whistle and a bowl of sweetcorn ( I taught them to associate whistle and red bowl with treat BEFORE letting them out - but I'm not sure thats necessary)

In 2 weeks time, you will be experts - ENJOY,



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Congratulations - bet you can't stop watching them! :lol:

I remember that feeling when the van drove off, and there I was with a purple eglu and two chickens - a mixture of elation and fear.


Enjoy - I spoiled things for myself a bit in the first few weeks by being over-anxious. Now I am much more relaxed, and like Hazel I leave mine to get themselves up and put themselves to bed. Fingers crossed, I have had no problems so far, and I get 14 beautiful eggs a week.


Chickens are fabulously addictive, welcome to the club!

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Welcome and enjoy your new additions to the family.


Mine arrived 13 days ago. I have had 6 eggs so far (and 1 double yolker) but we've still not found out which of the "girls" are laying as we've yet to catch them in the act.


Week 1 was great as you will soon find out. They got used to being held and we got used to being pecked (but only because they thought that my hands coming close meant food). They soon settle in. We let ours out after day 5 (following Omlet advice) and initially they went for my fingers when I opened the run door. But now they realise I am only opening the door and ignore my fingers to shoot out into the garden and then proceed to follow me around like little dogs.


Have fun....

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Congratulations on your new pets! We've had our girls for almost three weeks now and we find them so funny :D


They quickly got used to be handled and now lay themselves flat when you go up to them, so we can just pick them up and give them a cuddle.


Our next door neighbours are having a sense of humour failure about the odd chicken noise, but as I've said to my husband in a loudish voice :wink: they are much quieter than the neighbouring children :!:


Enjoy - they are such entertainment.

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Thanks everyone. Last night they went up into the eglu to rest of their own accord - such smart chickens :lol: Before that, we had fun feeding them woodlice - they loved them! Our neighbours are also very keen on them, and have come over to have a look - I guess we're lucky in that respect.


Paxo doesn't have her comb yet, so I guess it will be a few weeks before she starts laying, but Bisto has a small comb so she might start producing soon.


Finally - the sheer volume of poo they produce :shock:

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