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Never Mind the Full Stops

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Anybody watch this?


It's on BBC4 on a Tuesday night.


I've just been 'thumping Kate' instead of 'thumping, Kate' in another thread, and it reminded me about the show.

(poor kate is black and blue now)


My spelling and grammar is usually ok, but I do get it terribly wrong on occasion (as Ginette and Kate have already spotted :oops:) I really do enjoy this show, it's a good reminder of correct use of grammar etc in our texting world, and I've found a quiz they've set up on their website.


Thought we could have a bit of fun with it. I haven't done it myself yet, so I've no idea what it entails.


here it is. Good Luck and let us know your score...no cheating either :wink:



Edit - done the quiz. Got 5 out of 10 :oops:

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Ooh Thanks Gina, that was fun! I'm disappointed I only got 9/10 and shocked that I didn't know what 'akimbo' meant.


Will they do a new quiz next week?

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I may not seem like I know my grammar but it's not too bad really. I'm just lazy. Plus I [educated] guessed a few.

I got akimbo wrong too. I assumed it was spread. As in legs spread = legs akimbo.


I thought 'akimbo' implied some sort of unorganised position, all-over-the-place, haphazard, unsymmetrical and not aesthetically pleasing. I didn't know it meant 'looking bossy' :wink::lol:

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I'm not sure Ginette. :? It's the first time I've been on the NMFS site. I'll try and remember to have a look. There are some other bits and bobs on there though...here

Everyone should try these. I went straight for the top, expert level as I pride myself on my grammatical ability, but still feeling nervous in case I was less than perfect!


However, I can't really see how there can be 2 levels easier than these. I think they must be aimed at children! :D:wink:

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