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So, here's what I'm doing this weekend...

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Bear this in mind... I'm not a strong swimmer - I have never been diving - I am slightly claustrophobic.


Now, on to what I'm doing....


The daughters school is having a diveathon from 2 pm on Friday to 2 pm on Saturday, to raise money for the school pool. We are going to the local dive pool (deeper than a normal swimming pool, I'm told) and the aim is to have someone in the water for the whole 24 hours. So you go and do half an hour brief and kitting, half an hour diving and get sponsored for it.


As if all this isnt stupid enough, I am doing 4.15 AM on Saturday!!!


I'm completely terrified about this..... :shock::(

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Well done you! Don't worry about the dive. Just take a deep breath (Literally) and take your time. A worthy cause.



4.15 am :shock::shock:

is it still dark that time of the morning....im never up at that hour?!!! :)


Chelsea, never become cabin crew! :shock: 4.15 is a lie in! :wink:

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Well done you Helen!


I'm sure you'll raise lots for the pool - and I know that parents have to get involved in things for the school but things really have stepped up a gear!


I'm sure that during the training session they'll put all your worries at ease and at least you get to see lots of others doing it before you do!


I won't be up that early on Saturday myself - but will think about you in deep water as I'm in deep sleep!


and :lol: at Christian!




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Best of luck Helen


That is so brave especially being slightly claustrophobic. Just the thought of being underwater makes me feel breathless :shock:


Hope you raise lots of money for the school


I hope our school sticks to quiz nights :wink:

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Helen you brave thing you! Good on ya for getting involved esp at that time of a morning! :shock: I do hope you raise lots of ££££ :D:D


I once did a dive in a pool on holiday in Italy with a German family, when in the pool the instructor started to swim off and i got very worried so just before he was out of reach i grabbed his flippers! :lol::lol::lol:

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