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Jerusalem Artichokes

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Ok, I managed to get some at the weekend, but I've been struck by the thought that it may be too late to plant them now - they came in a bag from the garden centre, with no instructions. Can I just chuck 'em into a raised bed?

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I planted mine in February but they have just started showing in the last week or so.


They came with instructions which are as follows;


Suitable for most soil types except very acidic ones. Prepare the ground well, working in plenty of organic matter. Plant out in an open, sunny spot in March/April. Set tubers in rows 30cm apart and 10-15cm deep. Ensure each row is at least 1m apart. If planting in shallow trenches, ridge the backfilled soil slightly. Water well during severe dry spells. Stake the plants in late Summer to protect from strong winds. After the first frosts, cut back to about 15cm. Tubers can be lifted as required through the Winter until March.


Have fun :D

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4 x 4ft? Not a problem.........just let me write you up a quick quote for that m'dearie.


*licks pencil*



Now would that be for just the one?


*starts scribbling and adding up with lips moving*


That'd be £150 plus VAT plus delivery plus £3 for wrapping it with pink ribbon plus one breakfast plus numerous coffees plus one squidge of Stefans cheeks please!

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Ok, I'm willing to forego the £3 for pink ribbon if I can get 2 squidges of Stefans cheek, and a sniff of his freshly washed hair!

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They are delicious, boiled and served with melted butter or in soups.


Be careful, they can make you slightly....erm....windy.


Planting them in a raised beds is the best option as they can be very invasive. I planted them (fuseau as they are less k"Ooops, word censored!"bly and easier to peel) a few years ago in my last house and never had to but new tubers agin. They spread everywhere. Even leaving a marble sized tuber in the ground produces more plants.


They have a lovely flower, like a small sunflower. They do need staking, as they grow very tall.

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