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My gorgeous girls are here!!

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They are here and they are sooo gorgeous!! :D

Instead of 1 Pepperpot and 2 Gingernut rangers we have 2 pepperpots and 1 Gingernut as Omlet had ran out of Gingernuts and only had one left.

Can't say that we're dissapointed though as all three girls are beautiful and look so different to eachother.

Sadly though, they were s"Ooops, word censored!"ping in the box while the man was setting the Eglu and run up and there has been quite a bit of bullying going on ever since. The Omlet man said that he wasn't quite sure why the Pepperpot (Ria) was being so aggressive to the Gingernut (Rose) and that they shouldn't be doing it as they have always been together. He said that if it gets too bad I should perhaps bring Rose in at night.

So far there has been no blood but lots of plucked feathers and I even ended up IN the run this evening trying to put some food and water closer to the Eglu for Rose as she wasn't being allowed out into the run! :cry:


It was hillarious because I had my glasses on and Bobbie was lunging towards my face trying to peck at them, (bit scarey :wink: )I was trying not to crawl in the-oh so many-poo's and all of a sudden Rose ran out of the Eglu and got behind me and began eating and drinking knowing that she was safe from Ria.


Sorry to go on so much-just cannot believe how much we have all fallen in love with these babies. Can't wait to get up in the morning now!!

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the falling in love bit and the "cant wait to get up" bit is completely normal !! :lol:


Congratulations - they sound lovely. Im sure they will sort themselves out soon.


Enjoy your 1st few days with them and keep us updated on all their chicken adventures :dance:

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Congrats on getting your chickens today, they are great pets and you will find that you spend hours in your garden watching them, we have.


Hope they all settle down soon for you, if not there are loads of people on here that can give you some friendly advice, they are great peeps on here.



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Hi Jay,


Glad they arrived at last.


I'm sure you are as excited as I was on day 1 (and still am 3 wks later much to my hubbie's annoyance.......).


I've had helpful advice both here on the forum and from Omlet so do ask, even if it's a "daft" newbie question. I did... and got help.

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Hurray!! Glad to hear they arrived safely for you! :D They sound lovely.

Although they have always been together, another chook may have been top hen back at omlet, so now they need to re-establish the pecking order. They really do get over it quite quickly so try not to worry too much.


Can't wait to see piccies!


PS re getting into the run - that's what little children are for! Mine don't need much excuse to go scrabbling around in the run. :roll::lol: And they don't seem to notice the poo. :shock:

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Thanks everyone, :D

I will be putting some pics in an album tonight or in the morn. Oooo, this is all so exciting. My girls are beautiful and I have been up since 5.30am, in and out the garden till 9.30am. At half nine we stayed out all day untill 5.30pm and the only reason we came in was to have dinner!! lol Since half 5 I have been in and out countless times.

When it was raining me and the kids took cover in the playhouse and watched them out of the window! How sad is that?? lol

Ria has stopped picking on Rose as much as she was yesterday but we did notice that poor Rose looks like she has a bruise on the side of her head.


I cannot believe how different all of their personalities are. Rose and Bobbie come over to us and let us stroke them but Ria (who seems to be the oldest of the three and Rose's tormentor) is very timid and complains and/or pecks us if we touch her.

I picked them all up today (Which made me feel quite proud of myself considering today is their first 'proper' day here and I've never picked a chicken up on my own before) Rose and Bobbie were fine but Ria moaned the whole time and fluffed herself up in disgust when I put her back down! LOL

Tomorrow I must try and refrain from giving them 'treats'.

I only gave them bits in the afternoon but they have had sooo much, sweetcorn, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, spring greens hung up in the run and cucumber!!!!!!! lol Not a lot of each but we just LOVE seeing what they like best. hehehe

Pleased I'm a housewife-another day henwatching ahead of me!!

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Think I've done it all ok :?:oops:

The album is called 'The Essex girls. (Jay's hens)' and I've added a few pics but am hoping to get better a photographing hens that don't want to hold still long enough for my auto-focus thingy to kick in! lol


These ones came out far better than most I took. ie-blurred, head goes out of shot, hen grabs my camera strap and I photograph the grass!! LOL


Think I've added the link right :?



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