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Our First Egg!

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George called me at work yesterday, all excited to say that Mabel had dashed into the eglu and didn't re-appear for 10 mins and when he went to investigate he found that she had laid her first egg.


When I got in yesterday evening she was wandering very proudly around the garden!


We were so excited for her, but can't decide what to do with the little 37g egg!


Just waiting for Lucy to start to lay now...




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1st eggs are the best arent they!! I remember mine vividly and how excited I was :dance:


I called everyone I knew...and of course they thought I was bonkers :roll:


Anyway, well done Mabel :clap: and can I just say she's a very quick layer - 10 minutes is fab....mine are in the nest box 1-2 hours :shock::lol:

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