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here they are!!

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came just now, had a good huggle of each and the bluebelle immedialytly settled down on my knee!


so i introduce Sheena - The Columbine and

Tharka - The Bluebelle




they are eating and tharka is sat down in the kitchen in the pen we have and sheena is crowing her head off. they are 19 weeks old and still gaining the adult plumage. so gorgeous

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no crowing today, but Innara used to crow when she was scared and it sounded like that, tho she does have a big tail too. will keep and eye on her/ him.


The bluebelle has nasty squity runny poo mostly water, but is eating ok. and the Columbine is doing well eating loads and asserting dominace over the bluebelle.


they are both in the run today while the other 2 are outside making nests under a bush. they have had a good look at each other and Diana makes a whining/ crowing noise at them. im not sure either she is teaching them who is boss or she is calling for innara.


i have rang Glencrofts poultry and they ahve reassred me that Sheena is def a pullet and that she will be big, active and have a very large comb, so here hoping. they also said the diarrrohea (sp?) is normal when birds move so ill keep an eye on her. Tharka (the bluebelle) loves to sit on my knee and will so for ages seems to love a cuddle and makes bubbly noises

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gorgeous chooks!

your bluebelle is a week older than my 2! so I shall be keeping an eye to see when yours starts to lay....

do bluebelles get really big then? I've had my 2 for a fortnight now and they are definitely growing, and I think bigger than the Sussex Star pair I have.

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