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Guest Dilly

Do I come under the classification of a 'sad' old woman?

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I think that I may be in danger of fitting the above classification :shock:


I have been awaiting patiently now for my due date - and it is TODAY and I can totally relate to how excited those who have got theirs feel.


Stomach churning, sleepless night - (feel tired and wrecked now) all over some bits of plastic and metal!


SAD :?: I am seriously beginning to think so.



Oh and th doorbell has gone in strike, and it is raining :roll:


And I have ordered a GREEN cube to match my remaining green eglu. I did have a lovely zingy orange eglu, and was going to order a purple cube, but as hubs was shell shocked, I thought I better lessen the blow by letting him choose a colour!


(He has a bit of a shock coming soon when the new baby bantams arrive. A little flock rather than the twins he thought)


So spare a thought for me today - old woman - in the rain - screwing for all she is worth, with the hope of erecting an cube shaped cube :wink:

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I think quite a few of us might come under that classification Dilly! :lol:


You'll have a great time putting it together.


I'm the sort of person who loves the challenge of flat pack furniture, so would love to try putting a cube together! (Now that is sad!)


I've read that an electric screwdriver makes the job much easier.


Good Luck!

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Dilly, I know JUST how you feel - ours came on Saturday and by the end of the day I was EXHAUSTED as I'd been so excited! In fact I had one of the best days I'd had for a long time. I hope you do too - it's SOOOOOO worth all the waiting and wondering if you've got the right colour. Pictures ASAP!!!

And Roy brought ours and built it in the rain and we STILL had fun. Hope the clouds hold off for you.


How exciting tee hee tee hee!! :clap::clap::dance::dance:


Mrs Bertie

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I'm with you Dilly. My cube is due to arrive tomorrow and I have been going on about to my children for weeks. They are all grown up and not quite as excited as I am :cry: However, I did have my grandaughter staying for the weekend while her parents went to a wedding and although she is only 10 months she is transfixed by the chickens and loves trying to grab handfuls of feathers. They are remarkably tolerant of her :roll: Have fun, I will be thinking of you and counting down the hours til tomorrow. I am getting a purple one. I had thought of getting a pink one but thought that might be one shade of brightness too far and I have loads of purple flowers so it should blend in nicely.

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I read about your exciting day Mrs Bertie - I couldn't see the photos in the post or find them in the gallery - could you give me a link please.


I have been avidly reading all the cube posts - and have borrowed an electric drill with a screwdriver bit - now just need the cube!


Been up the allotment - picked gooseberries, redcurrants, rhubarb, broad beans, and dug up a few spuds for our lunch.


And it is still raining - and still no cube - and it is only 10.25am! :roll:


Hubs keeps saying that it probably won't come until 3.30pm :?: Why 3.30pm - don't ask me :lol:


When I was up the lottie the stock man asked me if I had put the pig back that had escaped! Moi? They are HUGE.


I heard a crash bang wallop yesterday - but took no notice - good job I had such the allotment gate :lol::lol:


Where oh where has my little cube gone,

Oh where or where can it be,

My patience is big

But I've waited to long

Oh cube come quickly to me.



(Better do and do something productive or its going to be a very long day!)

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:lol: Don't do ironing - have a man who does that


Rain stopped momentarily


Just podded the carrier bag full of broad beans which I picked this morning - now off to vacuum pack them in meal size portions :roll:


I would far rather be putting together a Cube instead.


Hubs went out as soon as I got in, in case he got 'roped' into doing anything. He'll be back when his hungry :wink:


Hey ho :roll::roll:

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The rain stopped the sun came out really hot and lovely. The Cube arrived just over half an hour ago.


Got the wheel peddles on, turned it right way up and put in the pen. Added the front - then torrential downpour and full on storm - got soaked trying to cover everything up and run indoors :roll:


The banties are out freeranging not batting an eyelid not even taking cover.


We have thunder - we have flooding - we have a leak in our conservatory roof :roll:


We have a 'told you so' husband who said to wait until Wednesday (we are out all day tomorrow ) - we are not amused :(

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So spare a thought for me today - old woman - in the rain - screwing for all she is worth, with the hope of erecting an cube shaped cube :wink:


:shock::shock: Darling Dilly - did you really mean to say that? A friend directed me here and I nearly choked on my afternoon biccie. You naughty girl!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


I didn't like to say anything - but it kept me amused all day :lol:


I hope you've got the cube together now? - a lovely evening here so hopefully nice weather where you are as well?

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We had the storm of all storms - but I didn't let a thing like that put me off - click on my www to see how I got on.


I have a couple of questions - but will look them up on the other cubists posts first.


It took in total three quarters of an hour - but I don't have the run - and I did use my sons drill screwdriver :D


I was not strong enough to lift everything on my own without doing myself a permanent mischief so Hubby had to help me with some lifting - but I did do all the assembling and screwing myself and feel rather proud - even though I ache for England and got soaked to the skin.


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