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Most expensive delivery charge for an Eglu

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Had my green Eglu delivered last week. Today I was going through the paper work with OH. Image my OH's rage when he looked at the invoice and noticed we had been charged £289.37 delivery :shock:


OH is like :twisted::twisted::twisted: and I am like :(:cry::(:(



I was qouted over the phone £340.00, which included delivery and a bit extra delivery because I live way up North.



No one at Omlet now, so does anyone know the person to contact by email


This has taken the shine off my Birthday present :(:(

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My goodness, Ali! That's way too much. It sounds like someone's made a mistake. Try e-mailing jan@omlet.co.uk and she'll be able to tell you what's happened but she won't be there until tomorrow now. I doubt if anyone will be around to answer any e-mails this evening but hopefully she'll get back to you ASAP tomorrow.


Good luck. I'm sure something's gone wrong somewhere and a decimal point's got put in the wrong place or something.

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sounds to me like someone's typed in an extra digit :shock:


I can sympathise with you though as my hubby would go mental :shock:


Typical aswell that they are shut when you notice it.


Hope they sort it out and maybe give you a little something free for the inconvenience and worry as a gesture of goodwill.

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I have sent an email to Jan :D


I know it is going to be a mistake :? OH is not pleased at all :( and I feel terrible because I have nagged and nagged and nagged him for another Eglu. In the end he was a broken man, snivelling and twitching and not at all a pretty sight. He couldn't take anymore and gave in :lol:


A free cube would make it all better :wink::D:D

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