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The Veg Garden!

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We went to Hampton Court Flower Show on Tuesday (yes with the rain :roll:) here are a few pics-


The Daily mail Oast house



A Beautiful Veggie Garden



Look at the onions!






It is amazing how they build all of this just for a show! I spent a fortune and didn't come home with a single plant! :shock: Highly recommend going, its a really good day out!

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Really great pics Christian


I wonder if they would transport that veg garden up to Wolverhampton :wink: It would be a shame to waste it

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I would love to get to the show Christian, one of those things I've always intended to do, but never quite got round to it.

It looks fab though, thanks so much for posting the photos, great to see them :D:D:D

I'm quite envious of that veggie garden........ mine's a disaster, slugs, hens, rain and neglect have all taken their toll and I'm beginning to think that I'll never actually get to harvest anything this year.

Those onions are amazing :D:D:D

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I love the oast house :mrgreen: ! The brickwork is lovely, am I right in thinking they have used English bond?


Although I have to say I get annoyed when I see old bricks recycled and they use internal quality bricks on the outside, the dark sooty ones from inside the chimney breast, and the pale ones that used to have plaster on them. The bricks were graded for different parts of the house years ago.

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