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I just couldn't help myself...

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... and had to go see some new chickens the lady at Warwickshire Rare Breeds had just got in. Well, I have a bit of space and as you know, space is made for filling!


And I couldn't resist these little beauties:

This is Ruby Tuesday (hope you don't mind Claret - it was playing in the car when I asked my son to name her!)


And this is Whole lotta Rosie (from another song - again picked by son)


They are both hybrids - araucana crossed with various other things. I've been told that Ruby should lay a sky blue egg and Rosie and bluey green egg. They are only 12 weeks old and still cheeping!

The first thing they did was have a lovely dust bath in the dry aubiose, they must be fed up of the rain too!



And as you all told me I needed a tubtrug to match my eglu:


But I think I might need another - this one's been pinched :lol:

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