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Hurray I have just completed on my first house this morning!

I get the keys ant 1.30!

So now I can start thinking about an eglu in the garden and some little chickens. :lol: Hurray!



I bought my first house in Cheshire (not counting the flat we bought as students in Edinburgh) - in Cuddington. It was a three bedroom semi and cost .....






..... around £8000 I seem to remember. Mind you, that was in 1977!

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rant rant.gif



Property prices are ridiculous. I know it's all relative and all the rest - but it makes it unbelievably difficult to get started. My son lives in London, and I work with young people who live down there, and even flats are so expensive that if you are a couple, you both have to work overtime just to pay the mortgage! I don't know how people have families - 'cos they can't afford to give up work!

Mutter mutter grumble should be a law, what is the world coming to etc.


And another thing, they have all those brown field sites and insist on building horrible houses all over our lovely fields.


I'm not even going to start on a rant about massive second homes in areas where locals can't afford houses ...



Hang on, I've taken my tablets and I feel better now!


All the best


Mr Angry

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Congratulations jenuk99 for getting that first and most difficult step on the property ladder :dance:


When I bought my house in 1994 it cost just under 4 times my salary. Now it is worth just over 10 times my (full time) salary :shock:


I believe this is due to the fact that house prices are no longer included in inflation calculations?

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We bought our first home in 1994 too. We couldn't afford to buy now at all.... even if we both worked full-time. £100,000 mortgages are so common now, glad ours is down to personal loan size. Having said all that, when we have paid off the mortgage alihodg will be heading towards uni :shock: and all that expense

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ooh, I remember that feeling - it's so exciting! Just think, in ten years time you'll be going "gosh, when I bought my first house it was 'only' £XXXX" :wink:


It is scary how fast the housing market rises; especially if you live in London although I guess other major cities are not far behind. I do agree, Richard - I don't have children, but I don't know how young people manage to buy at all. I know lots of people who spend hours (and thousands of pounds) commuting from much further out because they just cannot buy in London.


Still, Jen has got her place; now you just need to work out where the Eglu will go and decide on the colour! :lol::lol::lol:

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Congratulations Jenuk99




As you can see i'm soon to move too. However, with a move in date set for the 9 Aug, our buyer has pulled out :evil: It feels as if Christmas has been cancelled, hhmph. I'm so upset, our house is now back on the market. And I :pray: that our vendors hold out for us. Phew, sorry about the rant.


Have you decided on eglu/cube?

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Congrats jenuk99! :lol:


Theres nothing like your own place is there!


It's tough to begin with financially but well worth it.


I feel for people who live in the London area. The house prices are ridiculous.


It's grim up north! same sort of salaries, houses are much cheaper and if you dare to brave the traffic you can be in beautiful countryside in about 9 minutes. It always makes me laugh when the London based press slagg the North East off! Oh the pollution, depravation etc, etc. The air is cleaner at the monitoring station next to our local chemical complex than it is on the roof of Windsor castle. The weather is rubbish mind!



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