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3 egg day :)

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Well all of our girlys are now laying :) It was very exciting this morning to find 3 eggs waiting for us.....


I dont think the excitment of finding an egg or 3 in the nest box will ever stop and they seem so proud of themselves :)


Congratulations! We had our first 2 egg day on Sunday - we have been waiting for nearly 3 weeks for our other lady to produce and catch up with her sister! Very proud we are too!!

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We had three eggs today too! Well four really - I woke to find eggs from Doris and Frankie and a soft shell one which had been broken. I assumed Penny's went a bit wrong! However, this afternoon, we found a creamy speckled one from penny in the nesting box!!! It's quite odd, with some grainy raised bits on the top and a patch that is flesh coloured. The shell is perfectly hard enough though.

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Each egg stands about £14 each......I think they are worth every penny, or should that be pound :lol::lol:



I just worked out the price per egg here. £50 :shock::shock:


The electric fencing put the price up a lot, but it is a one off payment and I am sure the eggs will only cost £40 each by next week :?



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