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Snobby Chooks!

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I am so desperate (last remaining courgette plant is nearly chewed through) that I am prepared to try cutting slugs in half ... :vom: if it will make them eat them!


they've got the hang of snails now, at least one of them scoffs them up; her sister isn't bothered, but slugs just don't interest them at all.


Now, woodlice - that's a different matter!

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I can just picture it! Apron on, scissors in one hand marching down the garden in crocs after those sluggies!!!! :lol:


My darling cat caught a frog last night - totally devoured it - then at 3am this morning decided to regurgitate it in hubby's office - totally gross & the cat is now banned from going in there and curling up on his chair!



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Is it just my chickens that don't eat slugs and flies? With all the wet weather slugs have invaded the Grub feeder but the chooks just eat round them... They may be sweetcorn addicts.


Mine won't touch slugs or snails unfortunately as I can't stand the damned things and since hubby built me some veg beds am being invaded. I have tried to tempt them but to no avail. However worms, flies, caterpillars, woodlice, ants etc. do not stand a chance!!!!!!!!

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