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Has any one been to......

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After making a decision that we (OH & I) were not going to go on holiday this year a friend at work popped into my office the other day and mid-chat asked if i wanted to go to Marrakech in Nov for 3 days - well i could hardly say no could i? :wink::lol::lol::lol:


So im off there with my friend and just wondered if anyone has been and if so whats it like? :?


Anything which is a 'must see'? :D


What to avoid? :?

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Oh, Emma, how lucky, it's somewhere I'd love to go :D . November sounds like a great time of year, should be pleasantly warm there, unlike us all shivering away here as winter descends :shock:

And November's out of malaria risk season in Morocco (but don't forget to pack the insect repellant :wink: )

I've heard things about the money over there, notes left in circulation to long and have been swabbed to find all kinds of nasties, so wash your hands between handling money and eating :wink:

That said there's stats commenting on how many British bank notes have been swabbed and found tiny particles of cocaine :shock: . So I guess that's a pretty universal piece of advice.

Can I be boring and recommend checking out the travel health/ vaccine requirements here . I know it's only 3 days and if you're in top quality accomodation vaccs may not be necessary, but I'm a great believer in better safe than sorry :wink:

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I want to go to Morocco :mrgreen:


If I went I would definitely go on a trip over to the Atlas mountains - oh but you only have 3 days...


OK best advice is don't get lost in the souks....


(And if you want to be revered tell anyone who wants to listen your name is Layla - well my little Layla gets serenaded and makes grown men go gooey eyed! Layla is a princess in a beautiful Arabic tale - a sort of Romeo and Juliet. Goodness knows what is going to happen when she is 15 and rides there on the back of Daddy's motorbike...)


Have a great time

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Thanks so much guys! :D

Your information is really useful - will try to get to the Altas Mountains & will check out the jabs too! 8)


Thankfully my friend and I are both quite well travelled so we should be ok we think. I have no intention of selling her for 8 camels and im hoping she feels the same about me! :wink::lol:


We are staying here




Its a small riad that can house up to 25 - we thought smaller would be better than a large hotel where you can appear faceless at times as there are so many tourists.


As its a Muslim country im wondering about what clothes to take - do you think i could get away with cropped trousers and 3/4 length sleeve tops? :?

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Always best to be overdressed than underdressed in some countries but that sounds fine (unfortunately I think you will get attention what ever you wear).


If you end up visiting any mosques you may need to have your head covered (as well as most other bits of flesh) but we were given one as we went in (at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul).

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You'll be fine in that clotjign Em, ust be aware of local customs and religious constraints outside the major cities. You'll find that the big towns are very modern and you will see all sorts of dress from old ladies in burkhas to modern teenagers in revealing clothes. Outside the built up areas, it is a lot more restrained though.


Being so fair, you will attract a lot of attention anyway.


Remind me to teach you some arabic before you go.. including '*** off and leave me alone'! I lived in north Africa for a while and picked up loads of useless information.

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