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Odd egg laying places

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Today i found an egg on top of the eglu run :shock:


That means that one of the girls, despite having a fantastic cube to lay eggs in, decided that the top of the eglu run was a better option! :shock:


The egg was resting between two bars on the run, im surprised it didnt roll off after laying.


Do your chickens lay in odd places? :?


Please tell me its not just my mad chickens! :anxious:

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In the old house, when we still had a dog, our original pair of chickens used to sneak into the dogs kennel to lay. We never realised for weeks, and were surprised to find Buster sitting on a clutch of about 8 eggs one day when we went to get him in! :lol::lol::lol:

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I take it Buster is the dog? :?

I think it's you Emma :wink:


Abbie looks very confused and pecks at eggs that are in the wrong place, like she doesn't know where they have come from :shock::lol: They're usually very good.

They waited until after we moved their eglu and all the fencing across to lay 2 eggs in the nest, after lifting the eglu lid on Megan :shock:

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