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Before And After with.....Auboise

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It was worth a try though eh!!, i have just noticed i have a few bits of Auboise under my keypad on here,!!, god it gets everywhere, ...


My hubby is very impressed with the white specks ( auboise) on the grass, he reckons it gives it that speckled appearance.. :D:D:D


Never mind.. :lol::lol:


( the pond was already there i just built around it, all the chooks ahve been swimming in it at some point.

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our permanent run looked great at first too, neat little fence around the eglu run, hemcore inside, looked lovely but they have kicked it about so much it's all around the edge of the run and over the border and once it's on the grass is hard to sweep back up - it's getting such a mess I was considering taking the Henry hoover outside and just vacuuming it all up!!

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I used to have Aubiose in my walk in run, but it got stuck onto the bottom of my shoes & got trodden all up the garden & inevitably into the house :roll:


Its brilliant stuff, but I prefer wood chips now 8)



Sarah I am glad it is not just me, it is driving me mad everytime i enter the run it sticks to my shoes then ends up all over the kitchen floor, I will be glad wjhen it has all gone and i can go back to bark. Also I have found that the chickens don't like it very much either, I lined the nest box with it and they kicked it all out in protest.

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Sorry to hear your hard work got wrecked - but did you secure the log rolls ? My chickens never managed to flatten mine.


I think too that you may have been rather over generous with the hemcore/aubiose - I don't have it that deep :shock:


They would do the same with wood chips if it is deep.


Admittedly it can get on the bottom of your shoes - but so does the chicken poo, mud and shredded wood.


I just s"Ooops, word censored!"e whatever is on the bottom of my clogs outside on a step somewhere and stand on a piece of newspaper on the door mat and remove them.


I would not recommend walking around the house in shoes you have worn in a chicken pen - not really to be encouraged for health reasons. A bit like walking in excrement and walking indoors :shock:


I find that most things stick to ones footwear when the weather is horrid and wet as it is now. :roll:


Not nice at all is it - roll on the sunshine to dry it all out - easily dealt with then. :)

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