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relieving headache (sinus?) without painkillers?

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I was really ill yesterday and didn't want to move to get water. I'm a lot more active today, but I've got congestion, fever, aches and a bad headache between the eyes on my eye socket. The headache's the problem. Has anyone any tips for this sort of headache, as paracetemol is not working much and I can't take ibuprofen.

I've been resting yesterday and this afternoon, and have G&B :D

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Sorry your not well, quite a few people i know have had problems like yours over the past week or so, i think its due to the wheather changes. I recomend green tea. It gets rid of anything nasty and helps build up your imune system. Oh and vitamin tablets. As for your head ache how about holding a cold flannel on your head? A bowl of hot soapy water to soak your feet in helps too.

hope you get well soon


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Hiya - sorry to hear you're not well. When I have a cold / flu symptoms this is what I use....


Tiger balm - it's in a little pot, usually wrapped in chinese type paper. I get mine from the pound shop but any ethnic shop would also sell it & I think chemists sell it too.

I put a small dab on my temples - & plaster it all across my forehead! I also rub some on my chest & a tidgy bit under my nose.


Another remedy is a good measure of rum topped up with boiling water - & sip at leisure.


Steam it out of you - head over bowl of boiling water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil or similar, towel over head & inhale the steam.


Hope something works for you!



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Sorry you are sick :(


I suffer really badly from sinus problems & as has been mentioned, steaming is the way to go.

I have a steam inhaler from Boots - it cost about £6 I think.

Its a little white pot with handles, & a bit that goes over your mouth & nose. You fill the pot with hot water inhale through your nose & out through the mouth.

It really works well, & I use it whenever I feel a sinus attack coming on now, as its a good preventative too.


As a point of interest I have been taking a very low dose of Echinasea (sp) every day all this summer & have so far avoided my regular summer cold & sinus problems :D

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Poor you!


4Head is quite good, although it can make your eyes mart a bit if you overdo it.


I agree - I used to have horrendous headaches and got sick of taking increasingly stronger and stronger painkillers - I now use 4head when I get the first signs of a headache and I very rarely need to take anything orally. You need to sort the sinus problem though first because the headache won't go until the pressure has gone in your sinus - try sudafed and a hot steamy bath - does the trick for me!!!

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If you have any a few drops of Eucalyptus, Ti Tree, Lemon, Lavender or Peppermint oil on a tissue near you or in hot water near you, you can sniff it closer but it might make your eyes water if your head is sensitive. You could always try fresh lemon in hot water for a steam inhilation as an alternative. Hope your feeling better soon. Lots of rest and fluids are always a good thing too.

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