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There's no way I'll get to 9000 postings until I've retired and have more time. Mind you, apparently when you get over 65 you are the biggest user of computers/internet - or something like that.


And there was a bit splurge in the papers about sex being big with the over 60's :lol:


Whats that all about then? I'm sure I remember something about that sort of thing from the dim distant past. I don't think it will do me any good to start trying to remember how that all works. :oops:


So where does the time come to be a major internet user and a Lothario at the same time (well maybe not simultaniously) And how do you do it with a one legged chicken watching you (well if it eats and lives with them, maybe it sleeps with them).


does it roost on the headboard?


their house must stink - the ones with the onelegged chicken, not the retired ones having geriatric orgies.


do you think it uses the loo? And does it complain if you leave the seat up? :wink:

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