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weather roundup??

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Following all the dire warnings - what's it actually like?


here on the edge of London it's a lovely morning - no wind, blue sky, no frost - I'm getting my sandals and T-shirt out...


(actually not, I'm doing a burial-of-ashes this morning, some very elderly relatives are coming - the family were very worried that they'd all freeze to death or get blown over in the wind-swept cemetry.)


(cemetries are always windswept - even when it's not windy!)



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It's quite cold in Oxford, but not as cold as earlier in the week. The hens' water isn't frozen, but there is just a light dusting of frost on the shady side of my grass.


Weather-forecasters who unnecessarily put the wind up everyone nd cast a cloud over their arrangements should be sacked. I thought that they were promising to put an optimisitic spin on the weather?

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Bitterly cold down here too, with an evil little wind, but blue sky & sunshine too. Snow would be great this weekend though, nothing that has to be done, nowhere that I must go to, except Seb's sunday football match, and that would surely be cancelled in snow. The cupboards are full, and I'm about to embark on a mammoth baking & cleaning session- when I can tear myself away from the forum :roll: - so, come on snow, I could dust off the sledges, the lined wellies are ready & waiting, & we could have a wonderful weekend :D:D:D . I would, of course, want it all gone by Monday morning for an easy journey to school & work for all.

Some people just want it all their own way :roll::roll::oops::oops::oops::wink:

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Bitter here in Henley, but really bright, in fact the sort of day I love :D


I really hope we get a bit of snow later on.....tin trays at the ready!


I have stocked up on comfort food for the weekend & am cooking lots of warming goodies like cheese potato & onion pie & Nigellas Greek lamb Stew :P

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The cupboards are full, and I'm about to embark on a mammoth baking & cleaning session


For some reason my brain read that as "barking and cleaning session"


which sounds like a very good idea (except for the cleaning bit)


Phil 8)

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I work for Highways - so obviously the wether is always a subject of conversation because we have to decide to grit or not.


Irs certainly cold in Essex, windy and we have just had a very brief and light snow shower - and apparantly that is what is expected for the rest of the weekend. :D Brrrrrrrrr

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Ooooo, have you got a recipe for that one Sarah? Pretty please!


Just what fancy.


Cold and bright first thing in Banbury with a v cold wind. Now clouding over, and I am expecting snow. Will get the stove stoked up tonight and sit in front of it keeping warm. Mmmm


Clare, it is very much one of those things I just sort of knock up with whatever is around, so its different every time.


It is basically mash, with grated cheese mixed in layered in a baking dish with sauteed onions, maybe some ham,silced toms, whatever you fancy reallly.

Finish with a good scatter of grated cheddar & bake until all bubbly.


Serve with a nice crisp green salad & a glass of cold white wine !


Its not the healthiest recipe, but it will keep the cold out :D


Looks like snow here now too.The sky has that white tinge to it :D

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